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Posted January 25, 2000

These are affirmations for a variety of life challenges. Choose the one that seems to address your primary concern, and use it as a mantra. Whenever you begin to fall back into the old thought pattern, replace it with the affirmation you've chosen. With the affirmation, you're reprogramming your mind, and your life will reflect that change.

Each issue of the monthly newsletter also contains an affirmation by Linda-Ann Stewart. To find these, go to this month's Newsletter, or the Newsletter Archives page.

Habits - I now release any habit (you can specify) that's no longer in alignment with my Highest Good.

Weight - I bless every bite of food that I eat, and it all is transformed into Divine energy.

Self-Esteem - As a child of the Infinite, I recognize my true worth.

Health - I now accept that Divine health is manifesting in and through me now.

Relationships - I now attract Divine relationships with people who harmonize with me, and respect me.

Prosperity - As I recognize the Infinite Source as my supply, money now pours in and through me now.

Success - I am now successful in all that I undertake, through the Power of my Universal mind.

Blocks - Whatever has been blocking what I desire is an outdated thought form which now dissolves in the Light of Spirit.

Worry - I am Divinely guided to make wise decisions, and trust that everything is in Divine order.

I've created a "Free E-book for Personal Growth, Including Helpful Articles" that has thirty-one affirmations in it. For more information and to download this Free E-Book, go to



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