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If it wasn't for finding your site last year, reading all the newsletters as if it was the last thing on earth I needed to do, I would not have been so bent on finding the answer to the why's, what else's, and what for's about my life. I'm applying as quickly as I can the principles that I've learned, and have seen amazing and quick changes. To everyone out there, these principles work - if you work them. Again, thank you for your remarkable and mind-awakening information.


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The Cedarfire Newsletter
Tools For Your Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Volume 23, Issue 11
December 1, 2022

Linda-Ann Stewart, Editor



The Journey to Finding Clarity. Do you have a situation that's been causing problems, but you're not sure what the real issue is? When you're in the middle of the situation, it's hard to identify what's wrong. But to be able to find a solution, you first have to get clear on the problem. Learn some tips to finding clarity, which is your first step to a solution.

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Mindset Coaching Tips Video

Everyone's had a rough day, at some point. The challenge is to find a way to get through it with your equilibrium intact. Many years ago, I had one that had me drawing on my inner resources and perspective to make it to the end of the day. Learn the mindset shift I used that can help you to prevail over a tough day. Watch "A Tip on How to Endure a Rough Day."

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Blog Postings

In Sparks Of Insight, I posted a short commentary on how your decisions create your life.

I posted an article I wrote some time ago, What's Your Priority? Distractions can become a pattern when you're working towards a goal. They drag you off track, and can be a way of staying in your comfort zone. You need to believe that your priorities are more important. Learn how to move through any resistance to your vision and make it a reality.

I was recently a guest on Janice Porter's podcast, Relationships Rule. We talked about mindset, vision and focus, and I gave suggestions and tips for each of those subjects. I wrote a bit about our conversation and have posted the interview on my blog.

I was recently interviewed by Ingafay Faison Cavitt, a Confidence Coach for Women, on why being able to focus is important to success in life. We discussed how distractions can feel good but will undermine you. In addition to a surprising fact about focus, I shared 4 steps you can use to develop this valuable skill. Watch "Why Is Focus Important for Success?"

I was interviewed by Marybeth Welty of Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions on how to Improve Your Focus and Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome. In our conversation, we covered what can cause the Shiny Object Syndrome and the problems that result from it. At the end, I shared 5 steps to overcome the Shiny Object Syndrome.

In Ask the Expert, I answer the question, "Would you please define the differences between the subconscious and unconscious minds?"

In addition to posting my Monthly Coaching Tip video, I also include a transcript of it, in case you prefer to read the content. The transcript to this month's video is on the blog.

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