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If it wasn't for finding your site last year, reading all the newsletters as if it was the last thing on earth I needed to do, I would not have been so bent on finding the answer to the why's, what else's, and what for's about my life. I'm applying as quickly as I can the principles that I've learned, and have seen amazing and quick changes. To everyone out there, these principles work - if you work them. Again, thank you for your remarkable and mind-awakening information.


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The Cedarfire Newsletter
Tools For Your Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Volume 22, Issue 6
September 16, 2021

Linda-Ann Stewart, Editor



Succeed from the Inside Out by Linda-Ann Stewart. People fail to achieve their goals for a variety of reasons. Mainly, the failure occurs due to a problem with your motivation. Many think that external rewards are what will drive them towards success. But oddly enough, your inner motivation is more likely to keep you on course to your goal. Learn what you need to inspire you to accomplish your goals and aspirations.

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Mindset Coaching Tips Video

When you're pursuing a goal, you have to have some sort of motivation to either jumpstart your action or keep you going. There are two basic kinds of motivation, and each has their place. But there's one kind of motivation that will inspire you in the tough times. Learn what that motivation is, and use this guided meditation to uncover the motivation that will see you through. Watch "Guided Meditation to Find Powerful Motivation to Achieve Your Goals."

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Blog Postings

I posted an article I wrote some years ago, 5 Secrets to Improve Your Chances of Success. People tend to think that all they have to do to achieve a goal is to focus on it and take actions. But their overall mindset is important to support their focus. If their thoughts are predominantly negative, then they'll have an uphill battle. Learn 5 ways to improve the quality of your thoughts so you can increase the positive energy of your focus.

In addition to posting my Monthly Coaching Tip video, I also include a transcript of it, in case you prefer to read the content. The transcript to this month's video is on the blog.

I answer a reader's question in Ask the Expert, "Why do I attract negative people?" There are three possible reasons.

Sparks of Insight has a short commentary about mindfulness.

Trending Articles of the Week has links to articles on: being kind to yourself, overcoming negative self-talk, and what optimism is and how to become one.

In Recommended Reading, I reviewed not one book, but a whole bunch of business and personal development journals. At this writing, there are almost ninety of them, with more coming, I'm sure. You can find one to suit whatever you need and help you break through your challenges.

To read these, visit

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