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If it wasn't for finding your site last year, reading all the newsletters as if it was the last thing on earth I needed to do, I would not have been so bent on finding the answer to the why's, what else's, and what for's about my life. I'm applying as quickly as I can the principles that I've learned, and have seen amazing and quick changes. To everyone out there, these principles work - if you work them. Again, thank you for your remarkable and mind-awakening information.


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The Cedarfire Newsletter
Tools For Your Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Volume 17, Issue 22
May 18, 2017

Linda-Ann Stewart, Editor



2 Steps Forward, 1 BackÖ Master the Dance of Change by Linda-Ann Stewart. When you pursue a dream, vision or make a change, you expect that things will flow smoothly. And when they don't, which is normal, you feel upset or angry at the setback. Unfortunately, these negative emotions can block your movement forward. Instead of getting upset, use the opportunities the obstruction brings you. It could be a gift for you. Learn 6 positive reasons for this problem, what you can learn from them, and how you can use them to move forward.

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Mindset Coaching Tips Video

Have you been pursuing a dream, vision or goal, and suddenly hit a brick wall? All of a sudden, your progress has stopped or plateaued. Has that ever happened to you? I think it would be unusual if it hadn't. Progress rarely is constant or happens in a straight line. Watch "Has Your Progress Plateaued?"

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Blog Postings

In Sparks of Insight, there are posts about how your beliefs need to change if you want to change, and a better way to use an affirmation.

Trending Articles of the Week links to articles on dealing with toxic people, habits to break to be more productive, how to slow the brain's aging, dealing with negative people, changing your body clock, and how to make good decisions.

I answer the question, "I've been taking medication for depression, but what are some more holistic ways for me to deal with it?" I'm not a medical doctor nor psychologist, so I can only give some suggestions. First, I completely support taking medication to start feeling better. But I also give 3 natural options to investigate and a final thought.

In Recommended reading, I review "The Dream Encyclopedia." This encyclopedia has an excellent section on dream symbol interpretation thatís been very helpful, but itís only about one-third of the book. The rest of the material is about much, much more than that.

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