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If it wasn't for finding your site last year, reading all the newsletters as if it was the last thing on earth I needed to do, I would not have been so bent on finding the answer to the why's, what else's, and what for's about my life. I'm applying as quickly as I can the principles that I've learned, and have seen amazing and quick changes. To everyone out there, these principles work - if you work them. Again, thank you for your remarkable and mind-awakening information.


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The Cedarfire Newsletter
Tools For Your Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Volume 19, Issue 22
May 16, 2019

Linda-Ann Stewart, Editor



How to Train Yourself to be More Positive by Linda-Ann Stewart. Your mind was programmed in the past without your knowledge. That programming functions automatically, until you become aware of it and change it. You have the power and choice of what to think and believe, so that your results improve. Use these 4 steps to master your mind and condition it to be more positive in all situations.

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Mindset Coaching Tips Video

Optimists aren't born, they develop the skill over years. They choose to focus on the positive and not the negative. As they do, they develop the habit to look on the bright side. This meditation will help you shift from negative thinking to positive, and to consider the best outcome for you. Watch "Meditation to Train Yourself to Be Positive."

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Blog Postings

Sparks of Insight includes an affirmation on opening your mind to good, and a short spiritual commentary on the Universe wanting the best for you.

Trending Articles of the Week include links to articles on: making mindfulness part of your daily routine, habits to build mental strength, and how music impares creativity.

In Recommended Reading, I review the book, "The Science of Successful Living" by Raymond Charles Barker. It has straight, practical, down to earth information on how to experience greater success in all areas of your life from a spiritual perspective.

I answered the question, "Can I affirm that I and my loved ones prosper and are happy, healthy, positive, loving and kind?"

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