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All articles are the sole property and copyright of their authors. If you wish to publish any of the guest articles, please contact them for their permission. Their email or website will be in their resource box at the end of their article.

Linda-Ann Stewart's articles are available to be published in ezines or newsletters. For a list of articles, please go to the bottom of the Article Index page. If you'd like to have the list of over one-hundred Cedarfire Newsletter articles, please email me at "Linda-Ann at"

If you wish to publish one of Linda-Ann's articles, please honor the following conditions. Linda-Ann Stewart retains the copyright, she must be listed as the author of the article, and she must be notified regarding which article is being used and where it is being published. Please include either a link to her site (, or the following resource box with the article.

Thank you for your interest.

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As a speaker, success empowerment coach and hypnotherapist, Linda-Ann Stewart empowers business women and entrepreneurs to break through their inner barriers and create the life they want with more success and abundance. For a copy of her free ebook, "31 Affirmations for Daily Inspiration," visit


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