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Posted June 1, 2003

Can You Go Back To Yesterday?
Stop Dwelling On The Past And Get Ahead

K.P. Rajagopalan

When we observe people talking, we notice that most of them speak about how circumstances or other people have kept them from achieving success. They attribute their inability to attain their goals to what is termed as the "if only" factor i.e. if only a particular person had been more cooperative or helpful, things would have been different; if only they had got the information or details about a specific matter in time or well in advance, they could have acted immediately and obtained significant benefits; if only they had been more "lucky", they would not have faced this or that problem; if only they had accepted an offer earlier, their life today would have been pleasant and joyous etc.

The world-famous motivational writer, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, named the words "if only" as the two saddest words in any language, since this attitude leads to a dull and uninspired reaction to things. It doesn't change anything and makes the individual remain stuck in the rut and prevents the person from learning the right lessons from the experience. As such, it makes the person give up his/her power and assume a "victim" role which results in sapping his/her strength and debilitating him/her further.

While it is natural and understandable for a person to get dejected after a great disappointment or failure, it is ruinous to keep on thinking about the failure/s. I call this "going back to yesterday"!! We have to realize that, whatever justification or reason we may have for our resentment or dejection, we cannot alter the events which have already happened. However, we have ALL the power within us, if we just become aware of it, to ensure that the future events of our lives are to our liking, since as the great American motivational speaker, Mr. Anthony Robbins puts it, "your past does not equal your future."

So, there is a need to recapture the power we have been having all along but had lost awareness of due to our repeated failures/disappointments. This can be done by thinking frequently about the miracles that are in and around us. For instance, there is lavish abundance in nature in the form of riches of all kinds like vegetation, fruits, fish, minerals, lumber, coal, iron, precious metals etc. provided in sufficient amounts by our Creator to meet the requirements of each and every family in the entire world, so much so that the word 'scarcity' doesn't appear to have any relevance or meaning when we become aware of this richness of nature around us.

When we come to think of it, the human body is itself an astonishing marvel of creation. The processes of assimilation, digestion and elimination are beyond the understanding of the greatest scientists of the world. What a marvelous organ is our brain, weighing only 3 pounds but made up of billions of cells that communicate with each other and cooperate to form motor and sensory areas which, in turn, communicate with some 30 billion(!!!) nerve cells throughout the body including about 3 million pain signal points along the skin. All input to the body through the nervous system- sight, sounds, emotions etc.-- is recorded in the brain, even from pre-natal days!!

The mind is even more marvelous. Although invisible and made up of no cells, it communicates to the brain and also to other minds. Our mind's consciousness seems to contact the consciousness of other minds as if we were all part of the same consciousness. Therein, lies the KEY to accessing our unlimited potential and bringing about a change for the better in our life circumstances and thereby in our fortune.

When we become aware of this essential oneness of the Universe and all people therein, we make ourselves part of a Power bigger than we are and then we are able to focus the power of that greater Consciousness in our life. By deliberately DWELLING on this aspect for a few minutes daily, we will find that our CONFIDENCE level increases dramatically and we are in a position to solve our problems or achieve our goals without much strain or effort. It is as if we are riding on the crest of a wave which leads us to our destination faster. Once we get habituated to this 'tuning in' exercise (also called "Cosmic attunement") we will start making the right decisions automatically. We would be able to move our life in the direction fitting our unique capabilities, making us thrive and flourish.

Let us, therefore, stop dwelling on past grudges, resentments or disappointments and go forth joyously to achieve our goals and fulfill our ardent desires.

Copyright Ó2003 K.P. Rajagopalan
All Rights Reserved

The author is working as Asst. General Manager In-charge of Steel Authority of India Ltd.(A Govt.of India Enterprise), Bokaro Steel Plant's Unit Office at Chennai and can be contacted at the phone no. 91-44-24462817 and e-mailed at


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Copyright Ó 2003 Linda Ann Stewart
All Rights Reserved