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A classic in prosperity thinking by Catherine Ponder


Posted August 1, 2003

Prosperous Thinking:
The Royal Road To Prosperity


In recent years, we have heard a lot about the power of 'positive thinking' and the beneficial results obtained by several individuals and organizations all over the world. This term, popularized by the great doyen of motivational speakers and writers, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, essentially implies our deriving consolation, comfort and courage by looking at the bright side of apparently negative situations or conditions and thus overcoming the problems or difficulties without the usual and natural mental stress and turmoil.

While it is a fact that a lot of people have been able to go from failure to success by their attention to this aspect, it has also been noticed that most of the persons, who were exposed to this concept through motivational speeches, writings, audio tapes and seminars, have NOT derived any significant benefits at all.

There is a definite solution for this unenviable situation and that is, the deliberate and conscious use of what is called "prosperous thinking." The word, 'prosper,' means 'to succeed, thrive or flourish' or 'to experience favorable results' and 'Prosperous Thinking' denotes going beyond appearances and thinking in a 'big' way about what we want, either in that specific circumstance or in any area of our life, be it financial, health, career, or relationships. Prosperous thinking bestows upon us the power to make our dreams come true, since our past thoughts have been responsible for our present status in life and our present thoughts, especially concentrated and sustained thoughts, are going to determine our future position or experiences.

It is not mere fancy, but a proven scientific truth that our thoughts are very powerful and can make or mar our life depending on whether they are positive or negative. In fact, it is a truism to say our mind is really our world and when we exercise conscious control over our mind, we gain control over our world, mentally as well as physically. By choosing our thoughts, we choose our results in the physical world since our outer world of experiences is affected by our thoughts and feelings to a much greater degree than we realize. Therefore, better thoughts or success thoughts will lead to better or successful conditions and experiences, swiftly and easily. As has been rightly said, the outer is only a reflection of the inner and hence, when the inner picture changes, the outer has to necessarily follow suit.

The deliberate use of the concept or idea of 'prosperous thinking' has resulted in thousands of people in different countries achieving phenomenal results in a short span of time, sometimes within weeks or a few months!! Dr. Catherine Ponder, a great proponent of 'prosperous thinking' has gone from a dreary existence to become one of the foremost prosperity teachers and writers of America. She has eloquently mentioned about the prosperous results achieved by her and many others in her best-selling books "The Dynamic laws of Prosperity," "Open Your Mind To Prosperity," "Prosperity Secrets of the Ages" and other writings.

There are several techniques or ways to adopt the practice of prosperous thinking to attain quick and substantial results. They are Visualization or Imaging, Affirmations, Thanksgiving etc. Following a judicious combination of these or even any one of these separately has brought favorable outcomes to different individuals. Whatever method appeals to a particular person should be chosen and practiced sincerely for a minimum period of 21 days, since it is a scientific finding that, for sustained results, this period is absolutely essential.

While space does not permit a detailed exposition of the various techniques, the practice of prosperous thinking essentially involves focusing on the outcome desired and pretending (for a few minutes every day at a relaxed level of mind) that the same has already come true or materialized. In other words, we have to 'Fake it till we Make it'. Initially, it may appear silly to do this, but when we realize that what we are really doing is creating it first in the mental world leading to its subsequent manifestation in the physical world, we will know better and our belief level will also go up. Of course, there is a time lag between the creation in the abstract world and its materialization in the physical world, and therefore, we will have to wait patiently after following the above routine. The process is similar to planting a seed and watering it, day in and day out, with the certain belief that it would grow into a tree. Here, the new thought ('the desired result or goal') is the 'seed,' and the repetition of the procedure 'the watering' in the 'soil' of the subconscious mind, the repository of astonishing power, as yet unmeasured. It is necessary to vividly imagine the result desired, bringing all the senses into play i.e. experience the exhilaration of having already achieved the goal. When faithfully followed, this process will bring delightful outcomes quickly and easily.

As for the outer steps to be followed, in the aftermath of the above practice, fresh ideas will flow into our mind and we should take immediate action on them, even if they appear incongruent or even not directly related to the situation or condition. Further, an attitude of thanksgiving (expressing gratitude to God Almighty, the Supreme Architect of the Universe) will prove most helpful and rewarding.

I have myself been very successful in the achievement of several goals through the practice of 'prosperous thinking' and I commend this method to one and all for the successful attainment of their heart's desires in all areas of their lives.

Copyright Ó2003 K.P.Rajagopalan
All Rights Reserved

The author is working as Asst. General Manager In-Charge of Steel Authority of India Limited (A Govt. of India Enterprise), Bokaro Steel Plant's Unit Office at Chennai and can be contacted at the Phone no.: 91-44-24462817 and e-mailed at


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