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Steps For Self-Hypnosis

As a hypnotherapist, I have people asking me how to hypnotize themselves. First, they think that it's an "altered state," different from any other type of awareness. Not so. When you go into the hypnotic state, you're going into the same type of consciousness that you go into when you go into meditation. It's just that with hypnosis, generally there's a specific goal in mind.

If you're in meditation, and chanting or doing affirmations, you're in the same level of mind as you are when you're in hypnosis. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" or so the bard said. Hypnosis is simply a word that describes the process of communicating with your subconscious.

Many guided imagery techniques are used in hypnosis to help someone reach that mentally relaxed, drifting state. I find that when I meditate, and use the relaxation technique and countdown of hypnosis, I go deeper into a meditation.

These are the instructions I hand out to my clients. You can click on the link at the end of this paragraph, and it'll open another browser window. Print out the instructions, close the window, and you'll be back here. For the instructions, click on Steps For Self-Hypnosis.

If you want some more information on hypnosis, what it is and isn't, read my articles on it, starting with Myth-Conceptions About Hypnosis, Part 1. And if you would rather have an audiotape or CD to listen to, I offer Spiritual Self-Hypnosis Audio Products.

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