Self-Esteem: The Key To Unlocking
Your True Potential

Spiritual Self-Esteem Teleseminar

Are You Ready For More Prosperity,
Health And Well-Being?

Dear Seeker,

Are you going through life feeling like you're not enough, not worthy, and don't deserve a better life? If so, as a result of those feelings, when you do experience some blessing, like a better job, a respectful relationship, or more abundance, you probably sabotage it. By doing so, you reinforce the lies you believe that you're not good enough.

Low self-esteem contributes to self-destructive behaviors, like smoking, over-eating, making bad choices, attracting demeaning relationships, and much more. And life never improves until your self-worth improves.

Are You Ready To Feel Worthy?

Self-esteem is necessary for you to feel worthy of all the good that Spirit has already given you, so that you can accept that good and allow it into your life.

My name is Linda-Ann Stewart, and I'm a hypnotherapist, coach, speaker and writer. I've also been a spiritual explorer since 1976.

Over the past eighteen years of being in private practice as a hypnotherapist, I've found that self-esteem is the basis of all prosperity, power, good relationships, creativity, prestige, health and more. I've helped countless people improve their self-worth.

Are You Ready To:

  • Love yourself?
  • Accept your gifts?
  • Feel better about yourself?
  • Improve your relationships?
  • Believe in yourself?
  • Listen to your intuition more?
  • Accept more good?
  • Have a closer connection to the Universe?

Everything was very clear. I loved your material and the meditations.

Jeanane F.
Cottonwood, Arizona, U.S.

Are You Ready For New Possibilities?

In this teleseminar, I approach self-esteem from a spiritual perspective and help you change your beliefs at a deep level. You'll receive tools, and a foundation of knowledge, that will not only help you immediately, but will continue to help you every day as you make your way through life. You'll begin to understand your past and present in a new way that will change forever the way you perceive yourself.

Learn How To:

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Treat yourself better
  • Become more assertive
  • Address your needs
  • Accept yourself more
  • Be more positive
  • Be more successful

It was wonderful and explained beautifully!

Jim K.
Cottonwood, Arizona, U.S.

Are You Ready To Feel Better About Yourself?

Each class addresses a different issue dealing with self-esteem. Using a combination of information, exercises, new perspectives and guided meditations/self-hypnosis, you'll be experiencing new insight and making changes at a deep level. Not only will you begin to think differently, but you'll be improving the way you feel.

Each Class Moves You Forward In Self-Worth

Class One: What Self-Esteem Is

  • The difference between spiritual and behavioral self-esteem
  • How you deny your self-expression
  • Why you accept false beliefs as facts
  • Reclaim control of your life
  • Stop limiting yourself
  • Erase self-defeating ideas

Class Two: How Self-Esteem Forms

  • How to connect with your True Self
  • How your self-esteem gets stifled
  • How to trust yourself
  • Release guilt and self-blame
  • Feel more centered and comfortable with yourself
  • Reclaim your true self

Class Three: How To Reclaim Your Authority

  • How old rules limit you
  • Why you avoid expressing your true potential
  • How you reinforce what you don't want
  • Eliminate outdated internal rules
  • Accept your own authority over your life
  • Reduce self-criticism

Class Four: Update Old Programming

  • How you perpetuate old messages
  • How your beliefs got formed
  • How to update those beliefs
  • Eliminate negative, self-demeaning thoughts
  • Use your mind for positive co-creation with the Universe
  • Reclaim your power

Free Bonus #1
A $40 value

Each class has a guided meditation/self-hypnosis MP3 download that reflects the information in that class to help maximize change.

  1. Erase self-limiting labels
  2. Connect with your True Self
  3. Reclaim your authority
  4. Believe in your potential

Free Bonus #2
A $60 value

I'll be recording the classes, and you can download the audio. Therefore, you don't have to worry about missing a class!

Free Bonus #3
A $20 value

Handouts and worksheets specifically designed to help you understand and improve your self-worth.

ONLY $107 U.S.

You will have the option to have the MP3's on CD and sent to you for an extra
$10 in the Continental U.S. or $15 International
which includes shipping and handling.

The one to one and a quarter hour teleseminar will meet

Four Thursdays

Date To Be Announced

5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
6 p.m. Mountain Standard Time
7 p.m. Central Standard Time
8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

A teleseminar is a conference call which connects you to me by phone. You have the convenience of calling from the comfort of your home or office, giving you a more relaxed experience and saving you from commuting to a meeting facility.

You will be charged normal long-distance phone charges by your carrier, but you can use 10-10-### services for more favorable rates.

Before the first class, you'll receive an email with the phone number to call, as well as an access code to use to connect to the conference line. You'll also receive tips and suggestions to improve the quality of the call and your experience.

My Guarantee

If you don't learn what to do to improve your self-esteem, I will refund your money out of my own pocket.

Don't Hesitate And Lose Your Chance
At This Great Opportunity

The class is limited to only fifteen people to allow personal interaction and coaching.

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When you receive the notification, there is no obligation for you to register for the teleseminar. It is simply to let you know that it has been scheduled and give you the choice to register at that time.

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