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Updated November 2007

PERSONAL GROWTH - Guidance, support to help you connect with heart awaken to divine spirit. Free self-healing guide, newsletters, articles, books, poems, and blog. Visit our resource directory, submit your link, articles, excerpts, newsletters to our world database!

Life Coaching in London UK - Professional Life Coach Susan Lynch works with the traditions of establishing lasting relationships with clients, offering a confidential & professional service in London.

Quran Tutor - Our experience Koran tutors will teach you how to read the holy Quran online. Get the benefits of online Quran courses and classes from us.

Memory Improvement - Unique Memory Improvement Books and Memory Game Software combo. Remember things to do or buy without written lists. Recall complex directions step-by-step.

Psychic Journal - A free spiritual webzine journal. Lots of good articles.

In Light Times - Nevada's longest running Metaphysical/Alternative Health magazine dedicated to concepts for conscious living. Interviews, feature stories, poetry, astrology, health, spirituality, movie/book reviews and more. Submissions welcomed.

Crystal Rose Creations - Crystal Rose Creations is a site dedicated to help others follow their dreams! Check out the GREAT list of self improvement links and sign up for Crystal's great newsletter, Crystal Rose Vision! - The definitive guide to personal growth, self-improvement and self-help.

Thoduka Institute For Mind Power And Creative Thinking - A Bangalore/ India based organization involved in research and training programs on Mind-Body-Connection, Human Consciousness, Stress Management, Autogenics, Meditation, Yoga and all aspects of spirituality.

Carol Tuttle - Rapid Eye therapist, Carol Tuttle is an expert in the area of energy psychology and healing. Her powerful new book, "Remembering Wholeness" is certain to change the life you are having into the life you want.

I'mpossible - Start Experiencing More Freedom Today! Powerful proven and enlightening personal freedom methods to help you gain clarity and achieve your goals. Elevate your life to undreamed of levels of success. Free newsletter available.

Mystic Visions - Metaphysical, spiritual and personal development information resource. Subscribe to the FREE ezine, "Aspire To Wisdom," and receive Dr. Asoka Selvarajah's brand new E-Book "Inner Light Outer Wealth."

Motivating Quotes - Free quotes and poems for inspiration and motivation.

New Thought Related On-Line Books - Free On-Line books for self-help and self-improvement, with many metaphysical classics available.

The Self Improvement Site - A rich resource for self-improvement articles, tips, tools, products and programs. It offers a FREE weekly Self-Improvement Newsletter featuring articles that empowers you to build from within.

The Meditation School - A comprehensive site covering many aspects of meditation, including online one-to-one courses, individual healing sessions, a meditation help line, a monthly meditation and meditation for children.

The Option Institute, International Learning And Training Center - Teaching The Option Process, offering personal growth programs to help people maximize their success, happiness and overcome adversity leading to improved health, career, relationships and quality of life. Send for our FREE video and brochure!

Wisdom Seekers Of New Zealand - An Alternative Lifestyle Resource Directory, Wisdom Seekers Newsletter, Whats On! for events and seminars. Link Up! Classifieds to find a housesitter, flatmate, soulmate, sell/buy your home etc. Great Links! Message Board. for discussion & exchange.

Center for Divinity - Our mission is to focus on the Soul, Spiritual Growth, and Inner Peace. - A "holistic magazine and resource" for education, entertainment and empowerment. Find news, articles and business listings on everything from Acupuncture to Zen.

32 KEYS: A Collection of Ideas About Life - Free online self help book about happiness, worry, self esteem, stress etc.

Dr. Kioni, Spiritual Practitoner, Advisor, Seer, Intuitive Tarot Reader, PsychicRx - Spiritual insights and metaphysical assistance for life decisions, emotional healing, relationships, love, romance, money, financial directions, career and spiritual awakening, plus hoodoo and conjure work.

Spiritual Light Journey - Spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars, books, and informational ezine relating to spirituality, self-help, new thought, and metaphysics.

Astrology, Tarot and New Age Instruction from Enchanted Spirit - Offering you information and tools for personal growth, nourishing the mind, body, and spirit, and opening paths of exploration to help you become the best you can be.

The Dream Interpretation Center - Learn how to decode and understand the meaning in your dreams in a positive environment.

The Empowerment Coach - Entrepreneur, speaker and author Michael Carpenter can help you change your life, create your goals, dreams and desires, and become self-employed. Sign up for the FREE 7 Keys to Pesonal Success Mini-course.

As a man thinketh, so is he - Information on creating reality with thought process and belief systems. If we would like to improve our life, we will have to improve our thoughts. We offer links, articles affirmations & recommended books.

Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul - For anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life. Get unstuck, move out of a rut, create more of what you want in life! Free motivational newsletter, self-development articles, and many more resources.

Earth Healing Institute - Your secret fantasies are reflected in your mind patterns and out into your everyday life. Move from a mediocre existence into living in productive play! You do deserve to be you - fully you!

A Site Of The Soul - A wonderful place to relax, unwind and reconnect with The Soul. Discover useful tools of spiritual growth including books, meditation beads and more. Explore the consciousness of The Soul and your spirituality on many levels.

Touchpoint Coaching - Louise Morganti Kaelin, a Life Success Coach, partners with individuals who are READY (to live their best life), WILLING (to explore all options) and ABLE (to accept total support). Many resources and Free newsletter.

Self-Help Hunting - Self-help resources for better mental health, better physical health, optimal personal functioning and better living.

Point of - A journey to enlighten your mind, body, soul, wealth, and happiness.

Inspiration2Go - Fill Your Life With Joy, Freedom and Inspiration - Our series of motivation articles, e-books, newsletter and personal counseling will empower and motivate you to create an abundance of joy, freedom and inspiration in your daily life. - WANT TO GET MOTIVATED? Get your free Motivation123 Idea-Kit, free motivation newsletter, and hundreds of quick and easy tips to help you reach your goals and improve your attitude.

Success Consciousness - Attaining Spiritual and Material Success. Articles and guidance about attaining spiritual and material success, peace of mind, concentration, will power, meditation, spirituality, enlightenment, consciousness, mind power, creative visualization and positive thinking.

Shirley Knapp - Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Author. Spiritual healing through books, tapes, classes, consultations, energy work.

Motivation & Self Esteem For Success - Here you will find lots of interesting information and articles on motivation, self esteem and personal development for greater success, plus a personal development home study course and interactive manual.

Boost Your Willpower - The powerful proven method to Boost Willpower. Hundreds of people have already enjoyed the comfort of Self-Empowerment, Fitness and Freedom.

Spirit Dimension - Internet resources devoted to human spiritual growth and development. Features various teachings and traditions, including buddhism, zen, taoism, advaita, sufism, toltec teachings, transpersonal psychology and others. Store with books, videos, spiritual gifts.

Building Self Esteem - Building self esteem and self confidence leads to happiness - great advice, tips, books and free courses.

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle~A Place for Healing and Inspiration - Enrich your life with spiritual healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global healing and meditation, browse our inspiration gallery and teachings library, and much more for the traveler of the spiritual path.

ConfidenceWorld - FREE Confidence building exercises, tools and resources for a confident new you.

Centers for Gayatri Reiki - Learn How To Manifest Your Greatest Desires while increasing your healing powers as a Gayatri Reiki Master Teacher thru ancient mantra yantra technology and our proprietary Mother's Temple Cosmology.

Healing Words Press - Read, Write, Publish - INSPIRE! - Enjoy this inspirational meeting place for readers and writers with their eyes towards the sky. We are always seeking article and ebook writers with an upbeat attitude. Readers, come visit when you need a lift.

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AvatarSearch - The search engine of the occult internet.

New Age Web Works - Supports and informs the alternative spirituality community.

Access New Age - Your source for all things new age, with links and an ezine.

World Light Center - Over 300 Articles, Spiritual/Healing Resources, Books, Light Force, Seth, Order of Melchizedek, Over 3000 Links to Web Sites, Healers & Light Workers.

The Spirit Search Directory - The Spiritual, Metaphysical and Paranormal Directory for the Age of Enlightenment.

NightMoon Pagan Network - The NightMoon Pagan network provides free networking resources to enable the people of the online pagan community to share and communicate with like minds in the true pagan spirit.

DIY (Do It Yourself) - A community dedicated to the ethic of "doing it yourself," composed of independent publishers, artists, musicians, writers, artisans and thinkers. - A Pagan search engine dedicated to magick, wicca, paganism and the occult! User friendly, URL adding and update features.

Enlightenment.Com - Serving the spiritual and economic needs of individuals and organizations by building a living community of transformation and interaction.

The Inspiration Station - An interactive site for all religions and belief systems of the world, to promote growth and unity. Find news, articles, faith discussion groups, merchandise, evaluations, stories, rescources, study materials, poems and more.

Soul2Soul with Harusami & Friends - Devoted to providing information, education and services in Intuitive Guidance, Alternative Healing, Spirituality, growth and transformation in Body, Mind and Spirit. A State-by-State resource for finding metaphysical, holistic and spiritual practitioners, services, schools or products.

Creative Health & Spirit - Positive Energy is streaming out of Internet Radio on CHSR - The Positive Radio Network. Providing live all-positive talk radio programs on body, mind and spirit to help listeners achieve a happier, healthier life.

Traditional Vision Herbals & Metaphysical Shoppe and Free Resource Community - Providing safe information on many topics relating to different pagan paths and topics, wide selection of handcrafted quality tools, lady Signi_sha 20 years of Magickal Creation experience!

The Recovery Directory - The complete directory of recovery resources.

SuccessTALK Channels - A leader in life enhancement, personal and professional development, SuccessTALK Channels features over twenty-two Channels, eighty Hosts and Presenters and over thirteen hundred hours of audio content archived in topic specific, key word searchable libraries.

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Chaplain Paul Durbin, Ph.D. - Human Trinity Hypnotherapy, with lots of good articles.

Marx Howell - The forensic application of hypnosis for police use with related articles.

Head-Cleaners Hypnosis Audio Cassettes - Hypnotic experiences finely woven by a clinical psychologist to foster strengths, relax and cleanse the head of general or specific anxieties, sleeeplessness, pain and/or difficulties with self control.

Digitally mastered Hypnosis Tapes & CD's from Diviniti Publishing Ltd. - Powerful Hypnosis Tapes & CDs. The UK's Best Selling self-help Hypnosis tapes (source: Amazon & Whittaker Book Track UK audio chart). Download Free Hypnotherapy scripts, hypnotic MP3 audio samples & spirals.

The Orca Institute - Established in 1986 we offer Hypnotherapy Certification through our onsite and distance learning Video CD programs. We also offer advanced hypnotherapy and counseling training. 1-800-665-ORCA (6722).

The Orca Institute (French site) - Offers Hypnotherapy Training & Certification through our onsite and distance learning Video CD programs.

Hypnotherapy Video CD Training - Hypnotherapy Certification Programs through our onsite and distance courses.

Hypnotherapy Training - Hypnotherapy Certification Programs.

Hypnotherapy Certification - Hypnotherapy Certification through our onsite and distance Learning Programs.

Hypnotherapy Articles - Hypnotherapy & Related Articles.

Hypnosis Tapes and CDs - Includes the HPP series for anxiety, depression, phobias, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, pain control, weight loss, sales mastery, wealth and prosperity. Get your self hypnosis tapes here.

Healthy Hypnosis - We offer creative solutions for many of today's concerns. Information on hypnotherapy, audiotapes supporting managing stress, quitting smoking, weight loss, flying with confidence and much more.

Beyond hypnosis: Self help tape, CDs - Create your own Wisdom Center with self help tapes from California Institute, an accredited holistic health practitioner training. school.

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Nutrition Consulting - Tina Marie brings a culmination of all the teachings she has pursued over the years. We provide the best holistic nutrition & spiritual counseling, guidelines for alternative healing, and weight management & cleansing programs.

Enhanced Healing Through Music - Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

Sakthi Foundation - A free healing web site offering natural holistic healing called Pancha Bhoota, which utilizes the five elements of nature. Successfully healed terminal cancer patients, kidney stones, high blood pressure, over-weight and other ailments.

Etherium Gold - Etherium Gold, a sacred white gold powder, contains minerals which can profoundly assist in an individual's spiritual growth and healing.

Health - Delicious, Cranberry-flavored, 100% whole-food (plant-based) Seasilver™ contains every Vitamin, Macro Mineral, Trace Mineral, Amino Acid and Enzyme known to man in nature's perfect balance.

The Healthy New Age Success Center - Your online Mind~Body~Spirit Resource, featuring original formula Intrasound Gel and Powder, powerful digestive enzymes, flower and gemstone essences, large alternative healing/divination section, and free wellness evaluations.

The Next Generation Of Nutritional Products. - Using the finest natural sources, our products are scientifically designed to provide optimal absorption, making them far superior to other synthetic, low potency nutritional products.

A Herbal Connection - All natural herbal remedies, ointments and massage oils. Enjoy health without side effects.

Hillside Herbal Products - Natural Remedies like Herbal Healing Ointments and Healing Oils with Calendula, Tea Tree, St John's Wort and Essential Oils, as well as Relaxing, Sport and Baby Massage Oil.

FibroFree - The Fibromyalgia Recovery Program developed by Dr. Rob Robertson and Dr. Bill Hennen provides a comprehensive approach to the complex problem of Fibromyalgia.

Personal Alternative Medicine - Herbal products that include delicious herbal teas, formulated to help balance your body and provide you with the most powerful anti-oxidants known to man. All natural with health benefits you can actually feel.

Grailstones - Suppliers of high quality crystal healing products, moldavite, larimar, boji stones, shiva lingams and other rare rocks and mind, body and spirit products.

Spiritual Response Therapy - An ancient form of healing which operates at the soul-level. By accessing the akashic record and identifying discordant energies the soul can be relieved of past-life limiting factors and experience release in our present-life.

HOMEOPATHIC EVERYTHING! - An information-dense sites on homeopathy, with 100+ articles by Dana Ullman, MPH, author of 8 books and consultant to various universites. A comphrehensive online catalog of homeopathic books, tapes, medicines, software and distance learning courses.

Be Joy! - As a Medical Intuitive & Energist, I attune to your Soul and the Divine to read your body, aura and chakras. Energy work primes your body for health, alleviates pain & balances your chakras.

Herbalife Products - Purchase Herbalife products or find out how to be a Herbalife distributor.

Tab-tote's one-month pill organizers and premium quality Regal Vitamins - Tab-tote: Breakthrough Tab-tote one-month pill organizers for effortless daily compliance. FREE Tab-tote AM,PM Travel system when you buy Regal Vitamins: the finest, premium quality supplements you can get.

Allergy Elimination Center (Hippocrates Alternative Med) - NAET is technique based on biomagnetic energy, capable to eliminate any types of allergy and related disease.

Headache Hurts - the Hammered Head Ventilator and Exchange - Information, ideas, resources focused on dealing with the challenges of chronic headache - suffering, surviving, coping and relieving the pain, stress and depression of chronic headache, migraine pain.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique - A comprehensive source of information about this century-old method of learning how to release harmful tension from your body.

Alternative Healthzine - Wanna be healthy? Boost your health - naturally. Free articles on our site & five FREE health reports when you subscribe to our ezine.

Health and Fitness Forums - Get all your health and fitness questions answered free or help others reach their goals, a complete health resource.

PillFreeVitamins - Offers a large range of liquid vitamins and nutritional supplements formulated to optimize overall health.

Manchester School of Massage - Training in holistic and alternative therapies since 1989. Also available... Massage Treatments, Holistic Therapy Treatments, Massage Couches and Gift Vouchers.

Herbs Herbal remedy Alternative Medicine Aromatherapy - Herbs Herbal remedy is Alternative medicine. Use aromatherapy, herbs, Green tea, herbal tea, for health online.

#1 in Women's Health & Nutritional Issues - comprehensive nutritional focus on women's health issues including alzheimer's, sexual health, fibromyalgia, menopause, weight loss and many others.

#1 in Men's Health and Nutritional Issues - Nutritional focus on men's top health issues including heart disease, cholesterol, prostate, sexual dysfunction, weight loss, arthritis, anti-aging, liver, vision.

34 Menopause Symptoms Treatment - 34 menopause symptoms treatment with natural maca supplements.

Customized 12-Month Biorhythm Calendar - Your Physical, Emotional & Intellectual biorhythm cycles graphed for 12 months. Explanation and interpretation of biorhythms, alerts on critical biorhythm days. FREE... include up to 20 personal holidays of your own.

ER Products, LLC - Alcohol-free instant hand sanitizer, first aid antiseptic and antibacterial hand lotion containing BAC - Benzalkonium Chloride. Germ killing ER™ is used in the medical community and for sterile environments and contains special moisturizers keeping hands soft.

Amazon Herbal Supplements - Natural herbal remedies supplements and discount pricing.

Aromatherapy Herbs Essential Oils Online - Aromatherapy herb essentials for health shopping online.

Discount Nutrition Supplements - Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding Supplements at Discount Prices. Largest selection of brandname supplements on the Internet.

Healing through Detoxification, Cleansing, Chelation, and Juicing - Information on Body Detoxification, Colon Cleansing, Healing Foods, Herbal Colon Cleansing, Oral Chelation, Juicing, Heavy Metal Removal, and Liver Detoxification.

Awakening Spirit, Inc.The finest in personal care and aromatherapy products. Send your tired body on an exotic vacation, your stressed mind to Nirvana, let your awakened spirit soar with our custom blended all natural personal care products.

Bob Barefoot Coral Calcium - Coral Calcium formulated by Bob Barefoot. This is the same brand as seen on the TV informercial.

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Online Psychic Readings - Psychic Phone Readings - Online Tarot Readings - Online Psychic Chat
Offering online psychic readings, psychic love readings, email psychic readings, live psychic readings, tarot cards readings, worldwide from our qualified professional psychic advisors and readers in relationships on love, sex, and marriage. Helping you learn to trust your Heart - Attract your soul mate, discover your life purpose, embrace your intuition, truly love yourself, find inner peace, manifest a joyful future, nurture your body, and improve your relationships.

Celestial Healing Arts Presents Rituals - Psychic Intuitive LaVaughn presents tools of transformation, healing, and life mastery: psychic readings, aromatic ritual kits, bookstore, tarot gallery, informative articles and more.

Circles of Light - A webzine devoted to astrology and metaphysics. Affirmations, higher consciousness, articles, free readings.

Clarity - I Ching readings, resources and a free newsletter.

Claudia Psychic / Healer - Claudia offers accurate Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Counseling and many forms of Alternative Healing for healing on all levels. Online shopping for all your Metaphysical and Magickal needs.

Your Planets - Get your free report of your Vedic Astrology Horoscope or order your Detailed Report. We have assembled many top Vedic Astrologers to produce the most accurate, instant, and inexpensive Vedic Astrology Reading on the internet.

3.2 years Life Cycles in Time Integration and Synchronicity Coincidences - Using birthdays and the Life Cycles Matrix System for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny.

LightShadows - Accurate life readings, a blueprint of the soul. Free metaphysical teachings, techniques for soul growth and spiritual evolution, readers forum, prophecies, stories and all things esoteric. Promoting the works of Sayahda, founder of Orhai healing.

Whispering Sky Astrology - Discover what astrology can offer in bringing peace and harmony into your life, discover your past life, your soulmate, the hidden gifts and talents that you were born with. Also offers a free psychic reading.

Find - An internet directory of professional astrologers, listed by name, location and specialties plus astrology organizations, conferences, classes, products and more.

Psychic Marie! -Very accurate psychic tarot readings on any problem, especially on love and jobs.

My Pathways - Truthful, Authentic, Comprehensive, Accurate Psychic Readings Love & Money, Work & Relationships - Amazingly Accurate & Detailed Personal Psychic Readings delivered with Honesty, Integrity & Compassion by phone, chat, email. Arrange a FREE READING TODAY!

HoroscopeMatch International Dating Service - Find your most compatible friend, lover or soul mate using western and chinese astrology. Free love match horoscopes plus more!

Clairvoyant Tarot Readings By Jules - Jules is a gifted clairvoyant with over twenty years experience. She is particularly insightful on relationships and time frames. This site offers Tarot readings and interesting Tarot card information.

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Guided Meditation CD - Provides a Guided meditation CD series for beginner, spiritual, weight loss, and relaxation meditations.

Claudia's Lightworker Supplies - Secure online shopping for the most beautiful metaphysical jewelry on the market today - Goddess, Egyptian, Totems, Pentacles, Celtic, Gothic, Rings, Books of Shadows on CD, Psychic Protection eSeminar, and much more.

Multidimensions.Com - A combination of spirituality, psychology, and science offers tools for personal healing and enlightenment. offers books, spiritual novels, and meditation CD's for holistic healing and deeper understanding of multidimensional consciousness.

Ventana-Window of Heaven Catalog - Visit a sanctuary of conscious-living gifts and products that illuminate the mind, heal the body and touch the spirit.

Celtic, Charles Rennie Mackintosh & Scottish Watches & Gifts - Jewelry and gifts. Also SOS Talisman jewelry. Available by mail order, Cairn and CRM watch brands. - Essentials for the group exercise to music instructor including choreography videos, class music, workshops, conventions, instructor cover/substitutions, news and much, much more. - Enjoy the Beauty and Magic of Ancient Egypt. Shop Egypt on-line for the best gifts and souvenirs available.

Perfume Wizard - Offers perfume and cologne info such as comparison shopping, discount coupons and fragrance reviews.

Awake The Witch - Hail and Welcome, Blessed Be! Here you will find hand picked, quality religious goods with a focus on ritual purpose at a reasonable price.

Emerald Rose - Celtic Pagan Folk Rock! - A band from north Georgia performing traditional and original tunes inspired by Celtic myth and legend.

ASacredMemory - Designs keepsake folios and beads capturing special moments in time.

The Motivating Tape Company - Your internet resource for personal growth and business development. Check out our cost saving rental memberships! 1-800-735-3660.

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Mascot Beach Resort - Merge with the Divine with spiritual courses in this spiritual retreat amidst sea, sands, wildlife, nature and tranquility.

White Lotus East - Tantric retreat in New York City devoted to your sensual awakening and helping you achieve a higher state of sexual awareness. We enlighten you in the mysteries of Tantra and wisdom of Taoism.

Association of Happiness for All Mankind - Meditation retreat and spiritual training center for self-inquiry and enlightenment.

Where Yoga Meets Dance - Sedona/Grand Canyon Healing Retreat Adventures and Global Dance. Transformational healing dance and fun-filled retreats for body, mind and spirit with top Sedona healing artists. (928) 300-6944.

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Lose 10 Pounds In Two Weeks - Throw the rest of your diet and weight loss programs away! - Here's How You Can Get the Dream Body You've Always Wanted in 12 Short Weeks or Less!

Free Weight Loss and Diet Help - Free Complete Weight Loss and Diet Help with Tons of Articles and Forums to Help you to Lose Weight.

Virtual Bodies - What your Body Shape tells you about Weight Loss - A free 3D (three dimensional) tour using amazing simulated people to show you how your body shape affects weight loss. - Weight loss plans rated and reviewed.

Diet Reviews and Dieting Help - Free Complete Diet Help and Reviews of all the most popular types of diets.

#1 total weight loss program - Scientific weight loss program achieves weight control naturally by eliminating fat from diet sources and body reserves.

Low Carb Diet Information - Low carb diet information, reviews, help and other dieting tips and resources to help you lose weight.

1-Step Weight Loss Secrets - Offers lots of useful weight loss information, tips, diet plans, tools and resources. The great thing is, all of that for free!

TONS of Free Weight Loss and Fitness information! Best on the web - Nutritional information, Weight Loss resources, Exercise Programs and more!

Ayurveda, ayurvedic, natural, natural weight loss program and diet - Discover how to lose weight naturally using very general Ayurvedic methods to gradually attain your ideal weight and set off on your path to total health and vitality.

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The Creative Cauldron - Professional website design for the small business owner. To see a sample of Jeff's work, go his award winning site filled with information for writers, photographers, artists and other creative people. Articles, news, retreats, events, dead publications, links.

The Skin Game - A salon committed to healthy, beautiful skin

Keito Daily Recipes and Funnies - Recipes, Fun, and FREE Music for the entire family. Kieto will share: recipes from around the world; the secret ingredients for his dry rub seasoning, greeting cards and free e-mail just for visiting.

OZeSupermarket - Your gateway to great shopping and Web Site Marketing & Devlopment. Books, Movies and accessories, music and accessories, sporting and outdoor equipment, health and beauty, consumer electronics, video games, and much much more. - Online education and certification for fitness professionals, personal trainers and group exercise to music aerobics instructors. All courses lead to a nationally recognized qualification.

Credit Card Consolidators - FREE Debt Analysis! Our Non-Profit Credit Specialists can Cut Your Bills in HALF! (Also, some great links in their "link partners.")

Free Debt Consolidation Services - Provides debt consolidation of personal loans, credit card debt, business loans and medical bills.

Hammond eResources - We give you the knowledge to succeed. Sign up now for our FREE 9-part success course!"

Special Needs Family Friendly Fun - Enhancing the quality and fun of family life with special needs.

Revfacto - Designed by top University professors, the revision tools provide students with essential examinationoncepts in an easy to use fully interactive environment which is proven to increase exam grades.

The Journal of Wayne Wirs - Photography and the Pursuit of Inner Peace - A personal journal of one man’s quest for inner peace - and his ongoing efforts to capture that feeling through his photography.

Razzamatazz - An innovative, informative site on hair care problems, such as frizzy hair, dry hair, dandruff and hair loss. Fill in the online questionnaire for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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Sylvia Lilian Ossa Enterprises - Internet Marketing Opportunities

Starting Point - Everything you need to work the web

InfoJump - The magazine and newspaper article search engine.

New-List - Submit your ezine for massive free exposure. Grow your ezine. Ezine marketing made easy.

The Wannabe Webster - Info for e-commerce beginners about putting together a small business website & it's webpages -- domain names, credit cards, affiliate programs, webpage design, search engine submissions & rankings, & more. Search Engine - Offers TOP ranking position for search engines, website promotion and advertising to obtain the best positioning for quality traffic. Pay Per Click services and daily updated web content.

QuickCommerce - Let QuickCommerce™ take you into the 21st century and expand your advantage on the Internet with a modern yet affordable e-commerce merchant account.

JTA Publishing - Authentic eBook internet web products to sell with free resell rights and low cost business opportunity programs making money fast. Sell these as your own and get the tips, techniques and secrets for web profits.

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