Individualized Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful way
to transform your life.

Dear Seeker,

My name is Linda-Ann Stewart and I'm a coach, speaker and hypnotherapist with over thirty years of experience in personal development and metaphysics. In 1990, I needed to rebuild my life. I knew affirmations would improve my life, and I repeated them throughout my day. Soon, I had a series of miracles that helped get my life back on track.

Affirmations are statements that instruct the subconscious mind about what you want. You're always affirming either postively or negatively, by the things that you tell yourself.

Are you telling yourself that you can acheive your goal or that you can't? Your subconscious is simply following your directions.

A Proven, Powerful Process

Affirmations are a proven, powerful technique to change your thinking and your world.You may have used affirmations with some success in your life. But now you can't seem to find one to fit your specific needs, that speaks to what your individual challenge is. You may not know how to state what you want in the positive, or you're afraid to write an affirmation for yourself for fear that you'll state it the wrong way.

For more information on the power of affirmations, read my article The Secret of Affirmations.

That's where I can help you. I've had over thirty years of experience writing affirmations. And as a hypnotherapist and coach, I bring a wealth of information and insight to this subject. I've written affirmations for others with great success. I will personally write an individualized affirmation for you, suited to your specific situation.

As an example: Jesse wanted to find a used car to buy. He didn't believe he'd be able to find a decent one on his budget. This is the affirmation I created for him.

"There is a new car in Divine mind for you. It is waiting for you because what you are seeking is seeking you. This car is mechanically reliable, economical to maintain, runs well, has low mileage, and low insurance costs. It's just the right price for your budget. You'll recognize it when you see it. You are guided to the right place for it, and buy it for the Divine Right Price."

His short affirmation was "I find the Divine Right Car."

He found a great import car, with fairly low miles on it, for below Blue Book price. It had been overhauled by the dealer when they received it as a trade in, so it was in great condition. They wanted to get rid of it, because otherwise it was going to auction the next week. It wasn't one of the makes he'd been considering, but he knew it was the perfect car as soon as he saw it.

Professional and Customized

Not only will you have a professional write your affirmation, but your affirmation will be customized, targeted for your needs. I will take the information that you give me to create an affirmation that speaks to your challenge.

The Universal Power Within You

You deserve all the good of the Universe. Within you is the power to make any improvement in your life that you want. However, to maximize your success, you'll need to pick one area to improve at a time. Once that area is stable, you can move onto another area.

For Matters Big and Small

No matter is too trivial or massive. If it's affecting your life or well-being, it's significant. I've written them for prosperity, improved health, to reduce weight, improved relationships, and many more. Core issues, such as self-esteem or feelings of rejection can also be dealt with. For myself, I've written them to attract the right plumber, handiman, mechanic or to address my own deep inner conflicts.

"We closed on selling our house and closed on the one we bought. We did not get the one [we'd originally wanted]. Funny how it all turned out. We were just getting ready to put a contract on that house and our realtor called and said someone beat us to it. Well, as you can imagine, I was heartbroken, but I remembered the affirmation. "Something better is waiting for us." A couple days later our realtor called us a told us that the 5 bedroom house we were going to purchase a few months ago was available again. We put a contract on that house again and closed on it [the same time we closed on our house]. Come to find out, two days after we closed on our new home, the one [we'd originally wanted] becomes available again. God was looking out for us. He stopped us from making a mistake. We have more room now, plus we got this house for [much less]."

Thank you so much for all your help.

Christine W.

Some details have been left out to honor Christine's privacy

You will receive with your Individualized Affirmation:

  • A three to four sentence affirmation
  • A single reinforcing sentence
  • Instructions on how to use the affirmation to maximize your success

After you order your individualized affirmation, you'll be required to fill out a registration form. An email will be sent you you asking you to answer the following questions:

  • What your problem is
  • What you want
  • What you think about the issue.
This will help me to write an affirmation specific to your needs. You'll receive your three to four sentence affirmation by email within a week, along with a single reinforcing sentence and instructions on how to use them to achieve what you desire.

After you receive your Individualized Affirmation, if you feel it needs some changes, I'll be pleased to make adjustments in it for you.

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