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Dear Seeker,

My name is Linda-Ann Stewart and I'm a coach, speaker and hypnotherapist with over thirty years of experience in personal development and metaphysics. In 1990, I needed to rebuild my life. I knew affirmations would improve my life, and I repeated them throughout my day. Soon, I had a series of miracles that helped get my life back on track.

Affirmations are a proven, powerful way of changing your life.

You're saying affirmations to yourself everyday, whether you're aware of it or not. Think of the things you tell yourself, "I can't afford that," "I'm not smart enough," "That was stupid," "How can I possibly achieve my goal?" These are reinforcing statements that impress your subconscious, and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Turn Your Life Around

In the same way, you can begin to turn your life onto the path you want, by choosing what you say to yourself. Positive declarations can create miracles.

Create Your Own Individualized Affirmations

Now you can learn how to create your own affirmations that reflect the positive changes you want in your life. No longer do you have to depend on finding just the right one in a book or website.

This class has been specifically designed to help you create your own individual affirmations. I've had many people tell me they were afraid of writing their own affirmations, for fear of saying the wrong thing. We'll cover the principles of writing an affirmation, including:

Class 1

  • What affirmations are and why they're powerful
  • How the conscious and subconscious minds work
  • How you create your life

Class 2:

  • Ways to get clear on what you really want
  • Why it's important to choose what you want
  • How Universal energy flows through your focus

Class 3:

  • How to fill your affirmation with power
  • How the Universe always says "yes" to you
  • Why you deserve all that you desire

Class 4:

  • How to write your affirmations
  • Which words to use and which to avoid
  • Why you need to write your affirmation in a specific way

Class 5:

  • How to use your affirmations once you've written them
  • How to use reinforcing statements
  • Different ways to imprint affirmations on your subconscious mind

Class 6:

  • What to do if old issues are stirred up by your affirmation
  • Why that might happen
  • How to discover what the underlying issue is

And much more.

Each class has three elements:

  • Lesson
  • Exercise (Homework)
  • Affirmation to use during the week

This course consists of six classes, delivered by email once a week. This will give you time to process what we've done, and to do your homework.

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