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Are You Ready To Get Your Life Back
On Track, As I Did?

Dear Seeker,

Affirmations really work. I know, because in 1990, my life was a mess. My name is Linda-Ann Stewart, and in 1990, I experienced a personal and spiritual crisis, and had to begin rebuilding my life and faith. Reciting five minutes of affirmations every day helped me put my life back on track quickly. But the memorization was tedious, and I wished Id had a tape to follow. As a result, I developed the Affirmative Flow audio CD's.

Open Your Mind To The Flow Of Universal Good.

It is always flowing to you from the Universe. With affirmations, you focus attention on what you desire, and change your mind to accept all the good the Universe has for you.

Focus On Your Desire

Affirmations can help you reprogram self-defeating thought patterns into thought patterns that benefit every part of your life. The Universe wants you to have an abundant life, but It can only give what you are willing to accept. If you habitually say, "I can't afford that," or "I can't have ...," your beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Many People Ask, "Which is right for me, affirmations or self-hypnosis?"

If you can set aside twenty or so minutes a day, even if it's right before you go to bed, then the hypnosis CD's are right for you. However, if you cannot find that time, then the affirmation CD's would be your best choice. The affirmation CD's were designed to be used while you're doing other activities. The hypnosis CD's should only be listened to when you can close your eyes and be quiet.

People Wonder, "What's the difference between affirmations and hypnotic suggestions?"

Affirmations and suggestions are essentially the same thing. Only the terminology is different. Both suggestions and affirmations are statements that are designed to change old mental ideas in your subconscious mind. Generally, affirmations are used while you are awake and alert, and during other activities. But they can also be used in meditation to help to elevate your consciousness. In that case, they then become a suggestion. A suggestion is a statement designed to change a belief, attitude, habit, or effect a change on the body. Both re-program your mind to release old thought patterns and condition it with the new ones that you choose.

Affirmations Are A Proven, Powerful Way Of Transforming Self-Defeating Beliefs.

Affirmative Flow CD's actively engage your mind to dynamically imprint your new, positive ideas.

Affirmations can transform those negative mental tendencies from "I can't" to "I can." By focusing attention on what you desire, "energy flows where our attention goes." Affirmations don't coerce the Universe, they simply help you to change your own mind to accept all the good the Infinite has for you.

Various teachers of prosperity and mental science state that for there to be quick and significant improvement, affirmations need to be said aloud. Through trial and error, I've found this to be true. When statements are repeated aloud, you're using not only the mind, but the voice and hearing them spoken. If you say them with emotion, you have results much faster.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Affirmative Flow CD's allow you to effectively change your life.

Each Affirmative Flow CD has four tracks. The first and third track explain how to use affirmations and how to remove obstacles. Track two and four each have fifteen minutes of affirmations. These eighty to one hundred statements break through your limiting attitudes, so you can achieve all you want with your life.

The affirmations not only relate to the subject of the CD in various ways, but also include different areas, such as:

  • Self-worth
  • Stress
  • Problem solving
  • Perseverance
  • And many others.

Let Affirmative Flow CD's Help You To Achieve Your Dreams

Track 1 explains how affirmations work, and how to utilize the tape for optimum results.
Track 3 talks about some of the hurdles you may be encountering in your life, and how to remove them.

Designed for you to use while:

  • In your car
  • Dressing
  • Exercising
  • Cleaning
  • Or during any other activity
  • Even just sitting and listening

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Abundance - The affirmations on this CD cover various aspects of abundance, such as:

  • What prosperity means
  • Self-worth
  • Releasing blocks
  • Goal setting
  • Creative thinking
  • Intuition
  • and many other areas
Contains 194 affirmations.

"Abundance" CD - $19.97

Success - The affirmations on this CD cover various aspects of success such as:

  • Self-worth
  • Finding solutions
  • Creative ideas
  • Dissolving blocks
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Perseverance
  • Motivation
  • Goal setting
  • Intuition
  • And many others
Contains 182 affirmations.

"Success" CD - $19.97

Start making your dreams come true.
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