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"Spiritual Self-Hypnosis" CD's

Spiritual Self-Esteem
A healthy self-esteem is the cornerstone of any improvement in your life. Using imagery, this self-hypnosis helps you erase old beliefs about yourself and imprint new ones into your subconscious mind. It helps you to accept that you are important to the Universe.

"Spiritual Self-Esteem" CD - $19.97

Identify With Abundance
We tend to become what we identify with. "Identify With Abundance" establishes prosperity as a function of your consciousness. It expands your thinking to accept more of the Universe in the form of abundance.

"Identify With Abundance" CD - $19.97

Divine Health
Every cell in your body has a Divine blueprint of health in it. Only your thought patterns can block your perfect health from expressing. This CD recognizes that God's thoughts about your body are of health.

"Divine Health" CD - $19.97

"Mastering Stress Through Self-Hypnosis" CD

Mastering Stress Through Self-Hypnosis
This is a mainstream self-hypnosis CD to help reduce stress. Each track includes relaxation and counting down to deepen the hypnotic state.
Track 1 - "Your Calming Signal" leads you into a special, calming place and gives a posthypnotic signal to calm you at all times.
Track 2 - "Responding Calmly" helps you to program new, calmer responses for when you might feel stressed or pressured.

"Mastering Stress" CD - $19.97

Affirmative Flow CD's

Affirmative Flow Abundance CD
The affirmations on this CD cover various aspects of abundance, such as what prosperity means, self-worth, releasing blocks, goal setting, creative thinking, intuition and many other areas.

"Abundance" CD - $19.97

Affirmative Flow Success CD
The affirmations on this CD cover various aspects of success such as self-worth, finding solutions, creative ideas, dissolving blocks, having a positive attitude, perseverance, motivations, goal setting, intuition, and many others.

"Success" CD - $19.97

Transformative Affirmation Ebooks

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Spirit Supports Itself
Experience more prosperity and success in your life. Some of the areas this meditation addresses:

  • Improves your feelings of self-worth.
  • Increases your faith.
  • Changes your beliefs about money.
  • As part of the Universe, the Infinite supports you fully.
  • The Universe supplies what you need.
  • Your abundance has already been given to you.

"Spirit Supports Itself" Ebook - $4.95

My Ideal Weight
The Universe created you to be slender. Some of the areas this meditation addresses:

  • The causes of what created your being overweight.
  • Establishes new patterns in your thinking.
  • Improves feelings of worthiness.
  • Listening to what your body needs.
  • Trust in the Universe.
  • Changing your thoughts and behaviors.

"My Ideal Weight" Ebook- $4.95

I've discovered that almost every problem has, at its heart, a lack of self-acceptance. Some of the areas this affirmation addresses:

  • Increasing self-worth.
  • Erasing false ideas.
  • Self-validation.
  • You were created for a purpose.
  • Releasing outdated standards.
  • Accepting others.

"Self-Acceptance" Ebook - $4.95

Individualized Affirmation

ScrollYour Individualized Affirmation
Your affirmation will be customized, targeted for your needs. I will take the information that you give me to create an affirmation that speaks to your challenge.


Affirmation Creation Online Course

notebookAffirmation Creation Online Course
create and use a unique, effective affirmation for yourself with the Affirmation Creation Course. You'll be sent six email classes, in which you'll learn the mechanics of what to say and how to use affirmations.


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