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Posted August 1, 2002

The Universe Is The Source
Of Your Supply

Linda-Ann Stewart

Many years ago, when I was first starting my hypnotherapy practice, I talked to a retired hypnotherapist about the issue of creating a flow of money. He'd had a successful practice and hypnotherapy school in California. He gave me advice that has served me well and I've never forgotten it.

"Don't focus on your clients as the source of your income," he said. "Focus on God, the Universe, Spirit as your Source. Whenever my income flow would begin to dry up, I would just meditate on the Universe as my Source, and the phone started ringing."

I've followed his advice for many years. Instead of considering clients as my source of a supply of money, I convinced myself that my substance came from the One Source, Spirit. When I was able to really believe that, and I had to meditate on this for some time, my first client called. Now, whenever I run into any financial constraints, I remember what my friend said. My income improves in direct proportion to my ability to assure myself that the Universe, and not my practice, is my Source.

Whenever you mistakenly think that your income comes from your job, investments, clients, sales, or any other material channel, you're restricting the Universe from supplying you with more income. Remember, energy flows where your attention goes. If your focus is on a physical avenue for money, then that excludes other avenues that it could come through. It's like looking at the ground in front of your feet and thinking that's all there is to the world, instead of lifting your gaze to the horizon to see the vistas all around you.

There have been times when a client cancelled, but someone else called and filled that time slot. If I'd been upset at "losing" the income from the cancellation (and there have been times I have been), I would have closed off any opportunity for the Universe to draw someone else into that opening.

When you focus on the Universe or your Higher Self as your Source of supply, you open the windows to let all sorts of synchronicities occur. I've received unexpected money from clients giving me tips, selling my audiotapes and articles I've written. I've even received compensation from a class action suit that I didn't know about. These are just a few of the unexpected avenues through which income has come to me.

When you really think about it, all areas that your income flows through are simply channels that the Universe uses to supply you with substance. All of those avenues are Spirit in form. When you focus on only one of those channels, you shut off the flow from others. In essence, you're telling the Universe how to run the show. And your job isn't to figure out "how" things happen, but to keep your attention on your goal. The Universe, and your creative mind, will take care of which channel to use to best fulfill your desires.

God, the Universe, is the Source of my supply of money. All avenues are simply ways the Universe uses to manifest my income. But the Source is the Universe, not my job, my investments, or anything other physical thing. I expand my awareness to accept more of the Universal substance of money. It flows to me in glorious ways and fills my bank account to overflowing.


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