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Posted February 1, 1999

How To Create Good In Your Life
Part 3

Linda-Ann Stewart

Recently, I've noticed that I've been creating what I want by stating my desire, then letting go of it.  I've known this intellectually for decades.  Manifesting things that didn't matter much to me was easy, such as wanting to go to a show, and the tickets appearing.  But now, I'm finally starting to get some sort of handle on this, and experience things I really want.  For example, my car needed a tuneup, but I dreaded going to the dealership because I didn't trust their work.  Then I discovered a new mechanic with a good reputation who could do the work faster, cheaper and better.  Another time, I stated  to the Universe that I wanted to give a seminar, but didn't want to have to set it up.  Whenever I thought about it, or began worrying, I reminded myself that "My Creative Mind is working on it."  Within three weeks, someone asked if I'd present some classes and they'd promote them.  

This is how our conscious and subconscious minds work together.  With our conscious mind, we choose what we desire and allow it to sink into our receptive, creative mind.  We have to do all we can to prepare for it.  If we need a job, we look in the want ads, set up interviews, network with people.  When we've done all that we know to do, we move on to the next project, knowing our subconscious is performing its function of creation.  We'll probably get direction, someone else to call.  Or we might bump into someone at the grocery store, and just mention our quest.  Coincidentally, they'll know someone who's looking for an employee with our talents.  

The subconscious mind doesn't reason.  It is subject to the conscious mind's decisions.  By receiving our choice, our subconscious mind molds Divine Energy into the shape we want.  But when the conscious mind tries to do all the work, the subjective mind is never given permission to do what it's capable of.   We never let go and let the subjective mind fulfill its role.  There's a synergistic ebb and flow with the creative and evaluating mind.  We use the conscious mind to pick apart the pieces, make decisions, and then the subconscious mind puts those pieces together into a wonderful new picture.

We have to trust our creative mind, however.  If we try to figure out the "how" of "it," (our desire) happening, we interfere with the subconscious mind's work. Think of what happens when you try to bake a cake, but keep opening the oven door to see if its done.  When our conscious mind attempts to control the details, deciding the way "it" has to happen, we've taken the energy away from the subconscious, and it can't do its job.  We let all the heat out, and the cake falls.

This is something I have to fight against constantly.  I worry that "it" won't happen.  There's no rational reason that it won't, just that I'm more familiar with the old conditions, and afraid they won't change.  From talking to other people, I think it's a common fear.  I remember being told that fear is just the opposite side of the coin from faith.  Fear is simply faith that what we want won't manifest.  Therefore, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The subconscious sees what you're focused on, where your emotions are strongest, and delivers it to you, wrapped up with a nice bow.  It doesn't realize that it's given you the opposite of what you want.  It's just created what you were envisioning.

With your conscious mind, you  place your attention on what you want, your new decision.  By choosing what you want to believe in, and trusting your receptive mind to heed you, you give it the permission to create. Remind yourself that your subjective mind knows all it needs to know to create any condition, change any situation.  You have the power and the authority to create a new world for you.  Consciously, you don't need to know how it will happen.  By giving your subconscious the direction, and having enough faith to let go, you give it the power to manifest what you want.  Just as I did with the classes.

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