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Posted January 1, 2002

Rewrite Your Unconscious Resolutions

Linda-Ann Stewart

In January, you may be one of the millions who write down resolutions for the coming year. Generally, these goals are to improve your life. You'll follow through on some of the declarations, the ones that are the most important to you. But have you ever wondered about the resolutions you've made unconsciously that have limited your life?

I have clients who tell me "I can't lose weight," "I can't stop smoking," "I'll never feel good about myself." In response, I say "If you accept that, you've just created a law for your mind to follow, and it will make that law true for you." We all formulate mental rules throughout our lives. Some are based on past experience, some are handed down from former generations, and then there are rules of gender.

What rules have you accepted to limit yourself? Do you believe that the only way you'll be wealthy is by winning the lottery? Do you think that you have to work overtime to earn a living wage? Are you afraid that when you become elderly, you'll be infirm? All of these ideas become firm laws by which your subconscious controls your life. It takes your ideas and resolves to make them true for you.

Have you ever heard of someone saying, "I gain weight just by walking by a bakery and smelling the goodies?" I read someplace that they did an experiment to find out if it would actually happen. To the great surprise of the researchers, the people who said that did gain weight when they passed a bakery. The subjects had created a rule for their subconscious to follow.

Binding mental laws restrict how much of the Universal flow of Good you can experience. Everything that you experience is formed from the energy of the Infinite, or "God" or "Spirit." Spiritual energy molds to the beliefs, rules, laws and ideas that you have. So when you experience something in your life, you're experiencing as much of Spirit as you can accept at that time. Do you want to have more of the Universe in your life? If you're like most people, the answer is "yes." The way to open up to more good is to become aware and re-evaluate the outdated laws by which you've restricted you life.

Are you trying to live according to some rules someone else laid on you as a child? If so, you have the right and responsibility to create standards that reflect your current values. You have a right because you have enough life experience to know what principles are appropriate for you in your current life. And you have a responsibility to form new rules because you are here to express the Universe more fully. Those rules helped you to survive in the strange environment into which you were born. But you've outgrown them just as you've outgrown the bassinet.

Become aware whenever you say "I can't," "I'm afraid," or whenever you feel less than worthy. The subconscious takes those ideas as commands to be fulfilled. The truth of the matter is that the Infinite wants you to have harmony, prosperity, joy, peace and love. Your internal laws about not being able to have it are all that's keeping it from you. Rewrite the outdated rules so that your internal laws serve you in a more expanded way. Resolve to accept more of the Universe in your life.

The Universe wants me to live a life full of joy, harmony, peace and prosperity. I now recognize where my internal rules have restricted my good. Those ideas are outdated and no longer necessary. I have the right and responsibility to myself and Spirit to establish values that expand my experience of God. I now resolve to do this for myself, my inner Spirit, and the world.


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