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Posted November 1, 2001

Create Space For Your Good

Linda-Ann Stewart

Many years ago, a friend stated that to receive more good, a person always had to give something up. I objected to that idea. "If I want more prosperity, or health," I said, "I'm simply accepting more of that. I'm not giving anything up." He explained that if I wanted more prosperity, I had to let go of my attachment to a feeling of lack.

It took awhile, but I finally got it. He was right. It's a variation of a scientific law. Two objects (or two different conditions) cannot occupy the same space at the same time. One has to move aside to make space for the other. If an orange is rolled against an apple, the apple has to move to make room for the orange.

Whenever anyone accepts more good into their life, they have to release the old situation. While most of us think we'd do so in a heartbeat, if there's no change for the better, something else is going on. There must be something in the current circumstance that makes us hang onto it.

For any expanded good that comes into our lives, something that's taking up its space must go to make room for it. There's always a choice to be made. If you want a new pair of slippers, you need to throw out the old ratty pair. They may be comfortable, but they've outlived their usefulness. Trying to hold onto both pairs will simply clutter up your closet.

Sometimes it's old roles that have to be released. For instance, moving into management can be very threatening when you've always hidden in the back of the room. If a woman has this opportunity, she may have to release an old belief that a woman's place is to be passive. In any case, a person has to let go of any attachment to remaining invisible to achieve the goal of being a leader.

Standards you grew up with may need to be re-examined and re-adjusted. If you want to be prosperous, and your family struggled to make ends meet, you may have a belief that life is a struggle. To accept the idea of abundance easily flowing to you, the old attitude of struggle must be sacrificed.

To accept better health, a person has to let go of the reason for their ill health in the first place. It may be a covert need for attention, or to get out of doing something undesirable, or simply to get some time off. There may need to be changes in lifestyle, like quitting smoking or getting more exercise.

A person who wants a better job may need to relocate. There is the choice to be made. Stay in the familiar, or change locations. Either is fine, as long as you accept your choice. Some people will decide to remain in their hometown rather than move elsewhere. They've weighed the pros and cons of what kind of life they want, and choose to remain where they are.

For the most part, we tend to think about what we lack. Not what we want. In any area of your life, what is it that you want? What might be taking up its space right now? What old idea are you hanging onto? What still has you attached to your current situation? What feels threatening about your goal? What are you willing to give up to receive your goal?

These are all questions to ask yourself and meditate on, when you want some change that's not happening. There's always a reason. All you need to do is discover what it is that's taking up its space and let go of it to create a vacuum for the new.

I know that the Universe wants for me what I want for myself. Therefore, the only one who is restricting it is me. I now recognize what it is about the old condition that I've been holding onto. It's now safe for me to let it go. I am willing to create space for a greater good to come into my life.


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