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Posted July 3, 2000

Your Mental Mirror

Linda-Ann Stewart

Many years ago, a friend of mine was living on the couch at the home an aquaintance. My friend wanted her own place, but couldn't fathom how she'd get it. She began to visualize and affirm that she wanted a pretty stone cottage. Within two months, she had it.

I'm sure you've heard how effective visualization is at changing your life. But do you realize that you're visualizing all the time? The mind processes and stores information using imagery and visualization. When you worry, you're visualizing the worst case scenario. Fortunately, even though there's low-grade anxiety involved, most of what you worry about never happens. To me, that's a miracle, especially knowing how powerful visualization is. Why don't you experience all you worry about? Because what you experience is a conglomeration of all your thoughts. You might have ten seconds of worry for every fifteen seconds of thoughts of well-being.

Think of your mind as a big reservoir. All of your thought images are like streams draining into the reservoir. The clear water of some streams mixes with with the muddy water of others.

The strongest and most dominant "streams," or ideas, have the greatest effect on the reservoir. Have you ever said, "I knew that would happen?" That's because concepts that you dwell on become self-fulfilling prophecies. Do you want to lose weight, but obsess on the feeling of being overweight? You're telling your mind that you want to be overweight by obsessing on it.

Whatever mental picture, including feeling, you hold in your mind, whether you're aware of it or not, becomes your reality. Even though you want your life to improve, do you imagine next year being similar to this one? If you've given your mind that blueprint, your mind will follow it. Or are you visualizing something much different, and focusing on that, regardless of what appears to be happening now?

Norman Vincent Peale called the Universe a "great echo chamber." Whatever images you hold in your mind, the Universe reflects back to you. Think of it as a huge mirror. The surface of your mental reservoir, which is your life, reflects all of the images that have flowed into it. What do you want your life to look like tomorrow, next month, next year?

You have used the language of your subconscious to create your present life. Use the same process to form the life you want to live. First, figure out what you want. Then wrap it in all the details that you can. Bring in all of your senses, see it, feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it. Make it as real in your mind's eye as your day-to-day experience. Daydream about it. Think about it as you go to sleep. Especially feel it as if you have it now. No matter what your "reality" looks like, know that you are utilizing the very power that created today's reality to mold tomorrow's. Now you're taking control of your mind, and channeling the energy where you want it to go.

Don't get discouraged if it takes a while. Stay focused. Follow any leads you may get. You've been reinforcing your old life for a long time. It may take a while to reprogram your subconscious mind. You may not see any changes for some months. Then all of a sudden, in a day's time, you could have the opportunity that you've been waitin for. Or you could have someone ask you to housesit at a cottage for an extended period, which is what happened with my friend. Whatever you do, you are visualizing and creating your reality. Make it a good image.


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