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Posted December 1, 1998

How To Create Good In Your Life
Part 1

Linda-Ann Stewart

Have you ever felt like some good, whether it be health, abundance, relationship or something else, has been denied you by Spirit?  Or that others are blessed with wonderful things in their lives, but you aren't? Spirit hasn't refused to grant you good. You've withheld it from yourself.  

"But," you object, "I really want those things in my life."  That may be so.  Still, you are the one that has prevented yourself from having them.  Since you are an expression of The Universe, It wants you to have everything that is joyous and beautiful.  The Infinite cannot deny Itself (you) good.  It doesn't give something wonderful to one person, and restrict it to another.  

This will be a series of articles to explain how you have the power, the ability, and the resources to have all the good you wish.

Everything in your life is created from the energy of the Universe.  Your clothes, your job, your relationships, your feelings about yourself, your health, your prosperity are all forms of Spiritual substance.  They are all Spirit in physical manifestation.  The Infinite's energy has flowed into the mold you have provided It to give you what you're experiencing today.

How does it work?  We have three levels of consciousness within us, and they each have their own distinct function.  Our conscious mind chooses what we want, our subconscious mind takes that choice and creates the blueprint, and our Superconscious mind makes the blueprint reality.

Our conscious mind allows us to know ourselves.  We use it to explore our consciousness, and our world.  "I think, therefore I am."  It is the logical part of consciousness.  With it, we sift information from the outer world, and compare it with experiences we've had.  The conscious mind takes all the pieces of data, picks them apart, shifts them around and examines every piece. Then it analyzes the information, draws conclusions and makes choices.  It's considered the left brain.

Once the conscious mind has made a decision, or done enough sifting, it passes the information and conclusion to the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is a storehouse.  In it's storage facility is everything you've ever said, done, heard, or experienced.  All decisions you made earlier in life are operating in it.  The subconscious can only reason with the knowledge already in it. It's functions is to process and integrate information.

Have you ever tried to remember a person's name?  You try so hard to will it into your brain.  It's on the tip of your tongue.  Finally, you decide, "I'll forget about it, do something else, and it'll come to me."  In the middle of doing the dishes, there it is, "Charles Jones."

Your conscious mind picked apart the details, what this man looks like, where you know him from, what his favorite color is, then the analytical mind let go of the problem.  Your logic had done all that it could.  It was time to let the processing mind do it's work.  The subconscious looked through all the file drawers of it's storehouse until it found him.  Then it flashed the name to the conscious mind, and "Bing," there it was.  

Part 2


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