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Posted February 12, 2000

Life, Have It Your Way

Linda-Ann Stewart

When we have a single goal in mind, and that's all we contemplate, Life brings it to us. It's not magical, mystical or strange. It's just the way life works. We move toward it as if we can't fail. By doing so, all doors open up for us. We meet someone who has the information we need, or who knows someone who knows someone. Life moves in to meet us and we have "coincidences" happen.

However, if we get distracted from our goal, changing our mind, swinging from one decision to another, we receive an average of our ideas. If we fear we may not achieve our goal, that's what we're focusing on, therefore that's exactly what happens. In these cases, instead of our vision being on what we want, our attention is on what we don't want. We attract whatever we contemplate most.

Focus is focus, whether it's on what we want or what we don't want. Life doesn't care. Energy flows in the direction of where we have our attention.

There is no big or small to Life. The same rule applies with both large and small goals. If you go into Burger King and order it "your way" but keep changing your order, what happens? First, the person behind the counter gets impatient. Then, they ask you to let the person behind you order. And you can't ask the order taker to "Decide for me," because they don't know what you want. Eventually, as you keep vacillating, the restaurant will close and you go hungry.

In that case, you know where the responsibility for your dilemma lies. You didn't make up your mind, and give your order, and let them prepare it. The same is true with anything else. You must choose what you want, focus on it, and let the creative "grill" of your subconscious mind cook it up for you, "your way." But you have to stay true to your decision, and not alter your order.

This is why it's so important to write down your goals. One day you might want to weigh 120 pounds, and the next day, you figure 130 pounds would suit you just fine. As long as you keep changing your mind as to what you want, the energy can't flow into your goal. You might release a couple of pounds, but how can it deliver something you haven't really decided on? Your subconscious mind needs to have a clear goal.

When you have something unwanted in your life, take time to check out what you've been focusing on. What things have you been saying or thinking? Are you currently experiencing what you fear? Then that's what you've created. Are you angry at the conditions of your life? You've been feeding the situation with your anger and created more of it.

Write down what it is you truly want, and look at what you've written at least twice a day. If you change your mind, then change what you've written. This way you don't give your subconscious conflicting messages. Your creative mind then has something concrete it can work with. Your subconscious mind is just like Burger King. It awaits your decisions, and will create just what you've asked for. All you need to do is settle on your choice, and let it alone. Your creative mind does the rest.


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