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Posted December 9,1999

The Energy of Money
(first appeared in the "Sedona Vortex Connection")

Linda-Ann Stewart

Most of us would like more abundance. When our bills come due, we wish we had more money for them. We think a raise or winning the lottery would solve the problem. But, oddly, the more we try to get money, the less we tend to have. That's because we're focusing on the end result, money. Actually, money is simply the solid from of the Infinite's energy of abundance.

The energy of money is the feeling that the Universe provides for all that we need, meeting our financial obligations with plenty to spare. This ever present energy manifests as ideas, guidance, and attraction. Whenever I get fearful of not having enough income, the flow tends to dry up. However, when I shift my attention from my income to the Infinite Source of all abundance, with the feeling that all my needs will be met, money begins to manifest in my life.

All creation begins as an idea. The concept of having enough money creates a mold in our minds. When we trust the Universal energy pours into the mold, then the Universe fills the mold, and we have a solid form that becomes money. Form is changeable, malleable. It's the end result of an idea in mind, the effect of a cause set in motion. When we focus on the product, money, we shut off the flow of energy into the mold, and money begins to disappear from our lives.

We don't have to think about the how, or where money will come from, as long as we have the feeling of  Divine Energy being omnipotent to fill our financial requirements. We'll attract the circumstances, the people, be guided to the opportunities we need to receive the bounty of the Universe. It's the difference between watching your feet as you walk seeing only a small section of the dirt path, and gazing towards the distant horizon with its wide blue sky. Open the floodgates of the Universe by shifting your attention from money to the energy of money.


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