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Posted October 12, 1999

The Secret of Affirmations

Linda-Ann Stewart

A few years ago, in 1990, I'd hit bottom emotionally. Though I'd been a dedicated metaphysician since 1976, I couldn't connect with my faith at this difficult time. I'd been betrayed by someone close to me, and had had several friends and relatives die within a short span of time. After this cluster of stresses, I was floundering to try to put my life back together.  

I knew the power of affirmations.  For years I'd used them sporadically, and for the main part, silently. At this point, however, I needed to make some drastic changes. So I began saying affirmations out loud. I declared them in the shower, in the car, while dressing, on walks, after meditation. Within a couple of months, I had several "miracles" that helped me get my life back on track. I was looking to set up a private practice of hypnotherapy, but couldn't find a reasonably priced office. In the space of  four days, I was offered two offices, and was given the furniture for both.

Spoken affirmations have proven themselves to me to be an incredibly powerful way to change a person's attitudes about their life. Since our life is simply a movie screen on which our attitudes play out in action, when we change our beliefs, the movie must change.

A friend once said to me, "I feel funny about stating what I want. I feel like I'm forcing the Universe." When we use affirmations, we're not coercing the Universe to give us something we don't deserve. The Universe is willing and ready to hand us everything wonderful. We're just changing our mind by affirming, and expanding it to accept more of the good the Universe wants us to have.

Catherine Ponder, a famed writer on prosperity, says that she's never seen a significant improvement in a person's life unless they repeat their affirmation aloud. When you speak, you're creating an energy shift. Sound moves through the air, vibrating your vocal chords, your eardrums, and continues out into the world. Stating something out loud grounds it. Have you ever heard someone say, "I don't want to say it out loud, that will make it seem real." As long as you're still simply thinking about your affirmation, it can be molded and shaped, erased and forgotten. After giving voice to it, your affirmation becomes more solid. And the more emotion you put behind your declaration, the more solid it becomes. Catherine Ponder also insists that spoken affirmations are the one thing that will break through the old negative thoughts.

Even more powerful, look into your eyes in a mirror and state your affirmation. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. By watching yourself as you assert your good, you'll be aware of any resistances or fears. This technique will shatter them very quickly. For just a week, experiment with this. While looking into your eyes in the mirror, say "I love myself so much that I accept ... health/prosperity/joy/harmony/order," whatever it is that you want. Repeat it ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening.

After you repeat any affirmation aloud, you begin hearing it echo in your mind. Your affirmation of good will begin to take the place of your old negative programming, and create its equivalent in your life. Try it. You'll be amazed at the difference.


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