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Posted August 10, 1999

The Universe Knows Best

Linda-Ann Stewart

Several years ago, I needed a new car. Excuse me, a new "pre-owned" car. I wanted an economy car. So I researched what I could, with "Consumer Reports," to find the most reliable, most inexpensive cars. I picked about five that I decided to look for, with one model being the most desirable. Throughout the process, I kept affirming that I found the Divine Right car, for the Divine Right price. The car that was best for me, reliable, mechanically sound, economical to drive. I checked all the local dealers, and found a couple of my "most desirable" cars, the one I really wanted. But one of those had some definite body problems, and the dealer wouldn't negotiate at all. The other dealer tried to pull a fast one on me, and I walked out.

Eventually, I travelled to Phoenix, one hundred twenty miles to the south, to wander their car lots. None of the cars on my list were available. I was getting very frustrated. In early December, I test drove a car at a  local dealership that was second on my list. It just wasn't right. I gave up the search over the Christmas holidays, and just continued affirming. I'd done all that I could, now it was up to the Universe to find and deliver the right car to me. Just after the first of the year, the last dealer called. "Have you found a car yet?" "No." "We're going to a car auction this week, and we'll get one for you." The next week, I went in, checked out the car that was my second choice, and bought it for under wholesale Bluebook.

When we get out of the Universe's way, we manifest what is best for us, not necessarily what we think is best. The Universe has information that we couldn't possibly have. My experience wasn't a random event. Recently, a friend was going through the same process I went through a few years ago. Since he'd gotten a new job thirty miles to the north, in snow country, he needed reliable transportation. (Yes, Arizona gets snow. We even have several ski areas.) He was looking for a new "pre-owned" car, and selected three models he thought would be the best and most economical. Interestingly, his research had verified that the car I got was much better mechanically than my original first choice.

After we unsuccessfully investigated local dealerships, we drove to Phoenix. He was getting panicky. He had to have this car by the time he began his new job in one week. I kept reassuring him that he'd find the Divine Right car. We drove one of the cars he had on his list, but wasn't impressed. At the next dealership, the salesman drove us around their acres of "pre-owned" cars. Some were going to auction. He pointed out a car not on my friend's list, but it had all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive would be great for snow country. The salesman originally said the price on the windshield was as low as they could go. Once back in his office, however, the salesman dropped the price by several hundred more. The car had been on the lot for a long time, and they wanted it gone. My friend bought the car for under wholesale Bluebook. His Divine Right car wasn't even on his list, but the Universe knew what he needed, and It provided for him.  

When we trust that we'll be Divinely guided to the right car, or house, or job, or whatever, we will manifest it. That doesn't mean that we don't have to do the analytical research and make choices as to what we want. We just need to keep our pre-conceived notions out of the way. Affirm "This or something better," and be willing to recognize when the "something better" is right in front of us. Though I really wanted the first car on my list, I let the Universe guide me to the best car that really fulfilled my affirmation requirements. As long as we don't get too attached to whatever our research, or our desire, has shown to be "best," and let the Universe handle the details of what is "best," we will manifest the truly best thing for us.  


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