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Posted March 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

Willie Horton

We all have some sense that we reap what we sow - or what goes around comes around - but quantum physics actually scientifically proves that karma is a powerful force in our lives. As quantum physics might put it, energy in : energy out. So, for starters, let's examine a couple of important facts that can enlighten us on why our lives may not be all that they should be. You will, over the course of the next few minutes come to the conclusion that, if that is the case (that your life is not all that it should be) then it's as a result of your own inaction and stupidity.

The first point to note is that 96% of us - so-called normal people - are not all there! Rather, only 1% of our energy is focused on the here and now. If you're putting only 1% of your energy into what you're supposed to be doing at the present moment, if the universe works on the basis of energy in : energy out, what kind of response can you expect? The answer is self-evident.

Second fact. Normal people live (and that's probably not the right word) automatic lives. We constantly react instead of taking real action. That means that we are rarely doing the most appropriate thing, rarely doing the right thing. On the basis that what goes around comes around, we're simply asking for trouble.

Thirdly, when we do act - which is very, very rarely - we do so from a default adult state of mind that tends towards the negative. That means that are actions are generally defensive and self-preservatory. Our actions are borne out of a self-belief and self-image that is flawed, based as they are on a picture of ourselves that is often very far removed from the truth. We call this self-image our personality (from the Latin word persona, meaning a mask) and it has nothing to do with what we can truly do or achieve in our lives. This mask was impressed upon us during our formative years and is the source of all that is unhappy, unattractive, divisive and incomplete in our lives. Fourthly, quantum physics states that we are all inherently connected - a concept known as quantum entanglement - that all particles once joined are joined irrevocably, permanently, in a form of ongoing non-local communication. The state of our energy affects all energy and all energy responds in kind.

Fifthly, energy responds to intention and expectation. Clearly, based on psychological research, our intentions are not what they should be. Clearly, on the basis that we tend towards the negative from a psychological perspective our expectations are not what they should be either.

The consequences of all these facts are to be seen in the state of the normal life and, indeed, in the state of the world in which we find it. People are unhappy, fearful, anxious and stressed. Over 90% of males worry about money. The consequence of worrying about money is that you'll create something to worry about! Energy in : energy out. Stress is responsible for more lost work days in the UK than any other illness. If you think you're stressed, you'll create stressful situations for yourself. Depression is the greatest cause of lost work days in the US. If you think you're depressed, you'll create depression for yourself.

Your life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It doesn't matter whether you know that you create your own life or not, the facts are that you are creating your own life, moment to moment, day to day. And the sad fact is that normal people will live out their lives without realizing that they can change everything if they could simply change their own state of mind.

So, what state of mind will create a new reality? Clearly, one that is more than 1% present, clearly one that doesn't veer towards the negative, clearly one that disregards the illusion of personality, clearly one that is in flow with universal energy. This is the state of mind in which extra-ordinarily successful and happy people either place themselves or find themselves through some quirk of their upbringing or through insight. Most people will never take the time to find and realize that insight. But here's your opportunity.

You need to be clear and present. You need to be attentive to the here and now. You need to pay attention. If you pay more than 1% attention to now then you will obviously be more effective doing whatever it is you are supposed to be doing here and now. Not just that, you will evoke a more powerful response from a responsive universe that is constantly giving you what you expect, what occupies your mind. Most important, if you pay more than 1% attention to now, your subconscious fascination with your personality will begin to slip, you will veer away from the negative, because more of your mind is simply engaged in the present moment. Your mind will be occupied with a greater sense of reality and less occupied on the nonsense of your formative years - out of date nonsense that has no place in the reality of the moment.

In paying more attention you will invest more of your energy and, on the basis that the universe works on the basis of energy in : energy out, your life will change for the better. You will reap what has been more attentively sown - what comes around will be all the more exciting because of what you invested in the first place. Your life is in your own hands, in this very moment and it is in this very moment, through paying attention, that you can create a better life for yourself and those whose lives you touch.

Copyright © 2011 Willie Horton
All Rights Reserved

Willie Horton's acclaimed two-day personal development seminars have been running for thirteen years. He teaches that a clear and present state of mind creates extra-ordinary personal and business success. His vast expertise is now available in his Online Workshop at Gurdy.Net. His website also offers daily free personal development video seminars, articles and a Free Personal Development Ezine published every Monday morning.


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