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Posted September 2012

Find Out If You're Stuck In Your Story

Tammi Putnam

I'm reading the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. If you haven't read it, it's the story of a shepherd boy that wants more for his life. He sets out to find a treasure at the Pyramids in Egypt. While on his journey he meets different people that assist him in finding his "Personal Legend."

A story that great meaning for me, was while in the desert the boy meets the alchemist. They travel by camels through the desert and come upon a hole in the ground. The alchemist gets down off his camel and reaches into the hole, sticking his arm way deep into the hole.

He pulls out a cobra snake!

He takes the snake and puts him on the ground and then draws a circle in the sand around the snake. The snake doesn't move out of the circle. It's as if the circle drawn into the sand seems to contain the snake. Then the alchemist erases the circle in the sand and the snake slithers off into the desert.

How often do we do that?

We allow our boundaries, limitations and perceptions to keep us stuck. We say we desire a different life, yet given an opportunity we let it pass. Just like the snake, we don't even consider leaving our comfort zone. We don't want to leave all that we know for the unknown, whether that means starting school, a new business, having a baby, getting married, moving out of state etc... Whatever it is for you!

Don't you see?

All the boundaries and limitations are put there by... Us!

We put these self restrictions on ourselves of what we think we're capable of.

To create the life that we say that we want, we must make different decisions... or else we'd already have that life.

Different decisions=different results.

Look at the "story" you've told yourself about why you can't do something. Why you can't have a baby... too old, not enough money. Why you can't start a business... no funding, no support. Why you can't move out of state... don't know anyone, too far from family.

You can take any story that you've created for yourself and look at it objectively from a distance. You can see it much clearer from someone on the outside looking in.

So maybe you're saying, "Tammi, you just don't understand." No, maybe not your own individual circumstance... but I've been down before and wasn't sure what I was going to do to move forward.

But I knew this... I could reinvent myself anytime I wanted. I could choose to be the victor and not a victim. I could choose not to live in my story.

So, how do we move forward? What will it take?

1. Moving with Boldness
People may call you "crazy," but you'll know that you have a goal in mind. Author Andy Andrews tells this story about how others would tell him that he's not normal and with that he knew he was on the right track!

2. It's Okay to Feel Uncomfortable
You can only make changes with embracing that feeling of being uncomfortable. This is what you're looking for! If you're not feeling that feeling, you're not out of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself! It's going to take this to create your goal. I'll tell people, if reaching your goal was easy, you'd already have it in your life... it's going to take transforming how you think, what you say and how you act to create a big goal.

3. Today Not Tomorrow
So often when an opportunity arises, you must seize it. Do it today, not tomorrow. Our minds will often tell us, "Let's just wait until I get everything ready. I'm not ready yet." No! This is when you must step forward in the faith that you're headed in the right direction.

4. Focus on What You Want
It's easy to focus on all the things we don't want or like, in fact it's our own little negative party. Focus on what you want! The Law of Attraction says that whatever you give your energy and attention to, you'll attract more of the same.

5. Stare Down the Naysayers
Yes, the negative folks love to come out of the woodwork and tell us about how we can't create our dreams. One personal note here, I don't share my goals with people that aren't in my inner circle. I just don't. The reason? Because I learned a long time ago, that the naysayers love to fill you will fear, doubt and worry about achieving your goal. Stare the naysayer down, even if it's your closest family member and know that you can create your goal. Put yourself among people that are going to show you the exact way to create it, not people that are going to have you doubting your every move.

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