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Posted May 1, 2004

The Marvel of the Spoken Word


All of us have either been told or heard about the power of spoken words (commonly called "Affirmations"), although, we rarely realize the great impact of spoken words in our daily life and the influence, healthy or detrimental, they exert on our future results or experiences, depending upon whether they are positive or negative. Occasionally, we are reminded by a wise person or seer to be careful in our speech or the words we use repeatedly but, most of us have tended to either ignore or dismiss such advice, considering it as inconsequential.

Too many people are still inclined to read about the power of words, but, do not bother to speak good words into expression on a regular, daily basis. By not doing so, however, they are depriving themselves of the phenomenal benefits which could come to them. Dr. Catherine Ponder, America's foremost prosperity teacher and author, points out that, when we speak forth good words, we set up an atomic vibration which will crumble a false situation, causing it to dissipate completely.

There is nothing new about this success technique. People have been proving the victorious power of words for centuries as demonstrated by the powerful effects of 'chants' and 'mantras' in ancient as well as modern India and several other countries. Our words are the tools with which we design our destiny. As we dwell upon good words and speak them forth forcefully, this gives us the confident expectation of something better until it becomes a reality in the physical world. Dr. Ponder asserts that one affirmation, activated and made real in our affairs, is worth more than dozens of books read, lectures attended and advice sought. When we begin to hold up our own thinking through affirmations, they give us the strength to endure the existing difficult or unpalatable condition till the breaking forth of good in the situation. That good often comes to us through people and events that were either unknown to or unforeseen by us.

Not only can we lift up our own thinking through affirming good things for ourselves but, we can also help others to overcome their problems by holding up our thinking about them. When we see others unable to extricate themselves from challenging situations or problems, we can help them, whether they know it or not. This we can do by 'mentally' speaking to them and giving them the better conditions they are longing for. For example, say to them mentally: "Look, here is your freedom. Here is your prosperity. Here is your happiness. It is God's gift to you. Wake up and take it. Get up and go forth. You are free. You are abundantly blessed now." The gratifying results of this practice can be unbelievably delightful. When we lift up others in our thinking through forcefully spoken positive statements about them, we impart to them the inner strength and power needed by them to get over their difficulties or problems.

We can also dissolve hard conditions in our life through the use of words. There is tremendous power even in ordinary words. Many people have often talked themselves into problems or ailments through their repeated use of ordinary words like "I feel bad", "I am so sick", "I don't think I am going to succeed in this", "I have inherited my bad health condition. I have to live with it since it runs in my family" etc. The reverse is also true, i.e. the power that our words have upon our body as well as financial affairs, when used in a positive or affirmative way, is nothing short of miraculous. Optimistic people, stricken with illness, have talked themselves back to radiant health and people, smothered by financial disasters, have talked themselves back on the road to prosperity.

Because of the creative power of words, we need not hesitate any longer to speak to rocky conditions forcefully, since they will definitely respond, sometimes with breathtaking speed. In a recent instance, a fellow employee of mine in SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited), after forcefully speaking forth words for the successful sale of his house, got a satisfying offer within just 4 days, even though he had made a fruitless search earlier for more than a year to dispose off the same.

When there is a great need or hard condition in our life, we should meet it by emphatically speaking good words about it. We should be deliberate, definite, positive and persistent. This method has worked for thousands of people and it will clear the unyielding conditions of our life too. So, when we have a financial need or any other problem, instead of talking negatively about it, we should reverse our words about the situation and forcefully speak forth prosperous words. We should surrender our doubts and fear and failure- thinking. Instead of saying "I don't know how", "I cannot do it", "It is not possible", "I cannot see the way out" etc. etc., we should declare to ourselves often that we are overcomers and we are winners. Dr. Catherine Ponder asserts that thoughts and words of abundance will more quickly and surely bring what is ours by Divine right to us than by any other method.

It is interesting to note that the words "utter" and "outer" have the same root meaning. Therefore, what we utter becomes the outer reality in our world. It has also been estimated that the spoken word of prosperity speeds up the results by 80 %.

Many people think it is beneath their dignity to say definite prosperous statements and definite words of success for a few minutes every day, although, they have no hesitation in speaking forth definite words about hard/tough times, financial difficulties or other suffering throughout the day. Dr. Ponder says emphatically that the law of 'affirmation' can lead us to the high road, the royal road to success. Her fantastic achievements and that of thousands of readers of her books and/or students of her prosperity seminars across the world, including the author of this article and his acquaintances in Chennai, Delhi and elsewhere, attest to the truth of affirmation power.

Last, but not the least, the beauty of affirmations is that you don't have to necessarily believe them. Just keep repeating. If you believe what you are affirming, well and good. Even if you don't believe it, that is O.K. It really doesn't matter. The subconscious mind will quite naturally pick up the content of what you are affirming and the correct ideas will seep into your consciousness and your deeper mind will, in turn, start working to make your desired goal the new reality. The key to the success of this technique is, of course, repetition for a few minutes (10-15) daily, till the result is achieved.

Copyright © 2004 K.P.Rajagopalan
All Rights Reserved

The author is working as Asst. General Manager In-Charge of the Bokaro Steel Unit Office of Steel Authority of India Limited (A Govt. of India Enterprise) at Chennai and can be contacted at Phone : 91-44-24462817 or e-mailed at :


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