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Posted April 2012

Secrets of Positive Self Talk

JB Glossinger

Ask the Right Questions

When we self-talk we need to get the right questions. We need to re-frame our questioning to make it more positive. For example if we are self-talking about weight we say: "Why am I fat?" When we are working on something within ourselves we need to think about it in terms of how can we have fun and enjoy the process. Then let your mind come up with answers. We have to quiet the mind down. Rephrasing the question for example can be: "What can I do to lose weight, have fun and enjoy the experience?"

Most people question themselves all day long and get answers that they don't want to get. There's no reason to get those answers. You just have to ask different questions. Life sometimes is the questions that we ask. If we continue to ask the wrong questions we get the wrong answer. Start today to eliminate the wrong questions and start to get the right answers so we can move forward.

Focus on how I can (fill in the blank with whatever it is that you would like to do), have fun and enjoy the process? This is the first part of Self Talk.

Quiet the Mind

The other thing that will be helpful is quieting the mind. Quiet the mind through the use of meditation, which is very simple. All you have to do is pick a word for example, "thought", "process", your child's name, whatever it may be. Then every time a thought comes into your mind just say that chosen word. I like to think of a cool, placid pond and I think of thoughts as rocks going in that pond.

Whenever a thought comes into my mind I say the word and the rock falls into the pond creating ripples. What I would like you to do is to focus on when a word comes through, just say the word you have chosen, focus on the rock falling in the pond. Allow yourself to get into that deeper meditation. You will get clear and placid. The more you do it the more control you get. The reason you need to get control of this is so you can become aware of your thoughts. This will help you in every area of your life, in your relationships, abundance and will help you get into the present moment.

  • Look at your questions.
  • Settle down the mind.
  • Be pro-active in the ability that you can talk to yourself.

Be Proactive

You have to be more affirmative in the way that you speak to yourself. When you say I want more money, from a self-talk perspective, you are telling yourself and the universe that you want more. 99% of the people want more. When you talk to yourself like that you are getting stuck with the "want". You don't want the "want of money". Challenge the way you are talking to yourself. You have to be more pro-active and efficient in the way you are talking to yourself. Make sure that you are dealing with the proper tone in your self-talk. You have to watch the things that you "want" into your life.

The Three Things to Work On

  1. Look at the questions that you ask yourself
  2. Settle down and quiet the mind
  3. Be proactive in your ability to self talk

If you work on these three things you will be able to change your life for the better. Be careful of using the word "want" because it can be a negative both in the metaphysical way and practical aspects of what you are doing to condition your mind.

Work on your self-talk!

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