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Posted October 2009

5 Foundation Points of Self Mastery

Joyce Shafer

1. Mental Discipline: Thought management.

Do you manage your thoughts or do they manage you? You don't need to make this hard work you just need to pay attention to how your thoughts happen and what you do about them. When negative thoughts start to play or replay in your mind, what technique do you engage to manage and use them for your benefit? It may help you to distinguish thought categories such as those that really do need your attention and reruns that need to be replaced with new tapes.

Quick Shift Tip: Focus on what you want (outer target) and want to feel (inner target). Ask yourself what you might do to move these forward. Do it or them.

2. Emotions Management: Do you use or abuse these, or use them for self-abuse?

Emotions are one of the greatest gifts we have. Most of us feel untrained at how to use them wisely, though. You can decide what this wise use would be for you; but, emotions are like neon signs flashing the message, "Important stuff here! Ask right questions!" What emotions are not meant to be used for is to manipulate others nor to beat up or even torture yourself mentally with.

Quick Shift Tip: Rather than berate yourself when you feel emotional, ask, "What's in this for me? What wants to be adjusted?"

3. Vision Clarity: A clear target.

A target can be unclear because you're not sure where you're supposed to aim (you haven't picked a target). It can be unclear because of how you "see" (perceive) circumstances, as though you're nearsighted and not using glasses or contacts when you aim at the bulls-eye. There are numerous methods available to help you with this one. Find one and use it.

Quick Shift Tip: Write or type a) What you don't want; b) What you don't want to feel; c) What you do want; d) What you do want to feel. Know that when you land on a target that makes you feel enlivened, even if you don't know all the steps to hit it, you've got clarity. This is valid for what you want to experience and how you want to feel.

4. Focused Attention: The shortest distance between two points is . . . yup, always a straight line.

Once you know what your target is you can skip taking detours, unless you really want to take them. If you're working on something and your focus keeps shifting, ask what needs your attention most at that moment then give it so you don't enter the negative loop of flipping between real action and thought activity. You might also want to ask how passionate you feel about what you're working on. Can you find a way to feel this or more of it? Can you create a fun challenge for yourself about it?

Quick Shift Tip: Ask, "Does this thought, word, action, person, event, or moment move me toward or away from my target? Extra Tip: Keep a sheet of paper handy to jot down briefly, inspired ideas that pop up, knowing you will give them attention at a more appropriate time.

5. Passionate Commitment: What's your why? Why this, why now, who are you doing it for?

Not including the times when you're doing things that will benefit others because you have head-and-heart alignment about doing so, ask if there's anything you're doing because someone expects it of you and you're really not on board. Also, if there's something you've always dreamed of doing, ask yourself the Why questions. This helps you clarify whether it's a This Would be Nice or I'm So Intentional about This, I'm going to do It No Matter What or How Long It Takes. See the difference?

Quick Shift Tip: Make a list of things you do and check in on how strong your Why is for doing them. This can be a great stress and time management tool.

Whatever you're trying to do or master, these five points need to be included underneath anything else. They're the cake and the rest is the icing.

Copyright © 2009 Joyce Shafer
All Rights Reserved

Joyce Shafer, LEC ( is an author and creator of the Reinvent Yourself coaching program for new and struggling Law of Attraction users. Make Shift Happen! Visit (free empowerment tools and newsletter). Her books and e-books are available at and discounted at her Web Store.


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