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Posted August 2010

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Laura Burkett

What are you really committed to?

  • Getting healthy?
  • Saving money?
  • Sleeping more?
  • Losing weight?
  • Fostering healthy relationships?
  • Setting boundaries?

Why is it that millions of people vow that "starting today" they will commit themselves to eating healthier or saving money only to find themselves frustrated with the same old outcomes?

Think about it like this:

The actions we take are reflections of what we are committed to. I practice yoga 3-4x a week because I am committed to deepening my practice. You may deposit a percentage of your paycheck to a savings account due to your commitment to buy a new car.

But what if, despite how committed you say you are, you are not eating healthier, saving money, getting restful sleep, attracting healthy relationships, or moving your body more.

Underlying commitments

If you were to sit down and write out all the things you are committed to and then the actions that you are taking, it will become clear if you have an underlying commitment that trumps all other commitments.

For example, if you wake up early every weekday to get some sort of physical activity in because you are committed to moving your body more, your actions are in alignment with your commitments. What if you say you are committed to waking up early to workout, but time and time again you are staying up or out with friends and are just too tired to workout that early.

Are you lazy? Nope. Do you lack willpower? Wrong again. After a little more thought you may discover that your commitment to spending time with friends or meeting new people trumps your commitment to exercise in the morning. And there you have it. That's the underlying commitment. Easy huh?

What to do with this new found knowledge

If you are more committed to spending time with people and you now KNOW that about yourself, then it is much easier to plan an exercise commitment that makes sense for YOU. Maybe that means joining an indoor soccer league or a hiking club.

Your homework

I encourage you to examine the commitments you have for different areas of your life. Are you getting what you want? I guess in the end you actually are, whether or not you realize it is a different story. By uncovering underlying commitments (rather than berating ourselves for lack of follow-through), we empower ourselves through self-awareness and acceptance and then are in a position to move forward.

Copyright © 2010 Laura K Burkett
All Rights Reserved

Laura K Burkett is a Holistic Health counselor in Grand Rapids, MI. She received her education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and is certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Laura works with clients individually as well as in groups, workshops, and corporate programs. She works with men and women to deconstruct chaotic eating patterns and emotional eating, learn what foods serve them best, and reconnect with what they want for their health and their life. You can find Laura at


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