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Posted May 2011

Controlling Your Mind Power -
You Are Responsible!

Harold L Lowe

Here are three factors for you to consider. First, everyone is being moved to some goal by his or her subconscious mind. That is not to say that everyone is CONSCIOUSLY directing her or his subconscious mind toward a goal. In fact, in most cases, your subconscious mind is directing the person to goals that were placed in his or her mind by someone else. Your subconscious mind does not care. Its function is to bring into your physical experience whatever thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and mental images you consistently hold in your mind.

Second, once your subconscious mind accepts your goals, it will find ways and means to achieve them, period. Third, it is imperative that you consciously guide your subconscious mind toward the proper goals through programming or reprogramming it.

You are responsible for your life. Whether it is your health, your wealth, your happiness, and subsequently the kind of life you live, you are responsible. All too often, the road most of us take is to pass our responsibility on to others.

Look not to paternalistic Corporate and Public Sector America to provide you with a job that will take care of you financially, including retirement; and to make it possible for you to live the American Dream. Stop making doctors, pills, and potions responsible for your health. No longer make your significant other responsible for making you happy. Quit making preachers, rabbis, priests, and other persons responsible for the care of your soul.

Do not allow others to convince you to believe that your financial life is either in ruins or is heading toward disaster. Sure, the newspapers, news magazines, radio and television news shows, and perhaps your own financial statements may all seem to present evidence that this is so, but that kind of thinking does not HAVE to be reality for you...unless you choose to accept it.

Remember, Napoleon Hill (Think And Grow Rich) taught that EVERY ADVERSITY CARRIES WITHIN IT THE SEED OF AN EQUIVALENT OR GREATER BENEFIT! If you have not already done so, why not hold that quote consistently in your conscious mind until it sinks into the depths of your subconscious mind. Include with the quote an affirmation that your subconscious mind is even now bringing a revelation of that equal or greater benefit to you.

From the day you were born to the day you die, your subconscious mind is constantly being programmed or reprogrammed. Sometimes it is being programmed correctly, but most of the time it is being programmed incorrectly. I do not intend to imply that the techniques used for the programming are incorrect, but that the programming is implanting goals that are attracting more of what you do not wish to experience into your life instead of what you do wish to experience.

It is your responsibility to take control by controlling your mind power and programming your subconscious with goals that bring your desires into your life rather than their counterparts. No one else can or will do it for you.

It is vitally important that you take that responsibility seriously...if you desire a better life. The alternative is to do nothing; and of course, there are plenty of people in and around your life who will happily continue to do the (incorrect) programming for you.

This I know for sure. You can claim or re-claim control of your own mind power. You are the most miraculous of all living beings on earth. You are the owner of a mind that is so stupendous, that as you truly begin controlling your mind power and consciously using it, there is no dream that you can dream that you cannot achieve.

Copyright © 2009 Harold L Lowe
All Rights Reserved

Harold L Lowe retired at age 62 when his six-figure income position was eliminated. He now wishes to share some of what he has learned since then and some of his experiences as well through articles. He is now studying The New Think And Grow Rich with the author, Ted Ciuba, a founding member of the World Internet Summit.


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