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Posted March 2013

How To Determine Which Beliefs Are Creating Problems in Your Life

K Walker

As you go through life, you go through ups and downs, and you may think that it is just a part of life. You may think that you have no control over the situations that happen in your life. But maybe, just maybe, you do.

A lot of times, it is your beliefs that are reason behind the ups and downs you go through.

Beliefs are incredibly powerful and have the ability to create the circumstances that happen in your life - even the things that happen around you. Your beliefs may be the real reason you experience situations that you really enjoy and situations that you really dislike.

Here is a quick 3 step formula to help you determine if your beliefs are the cause of experiences in your life.

  • Step 1 - Look at the situation and see if it is a recurring problem that you have experienced on and off again over your lifetime. Or look to see if you can find a pattern, a theme, behind the situation. It may be helpful to think back to your childhood and see if the situation is a continuation of how you grew up, or if it seems to be the 'end result' of comments and statements you heard as a child. If you can tie the current situation to a recurring pattern, or to statements you heard as you grew up, then you can be almost assured that you have a belief creating the situation. Determining that a belief is the reason behind the experience you are having is the first step to learning how to overcome it so it doesn't continue to happen. The second step is to figure out exactly what the belief is.

  • Step 2 - Ask yourself, "If there was a belief behind this situation, what would that belief be?" Ask this question from a 'third party' point of view, as if you are simply inquiring about a topic. This stops your mind from personalizing it and getting in the way instead of finding an answer. If you can pinpoint what the belief is, you gain insight into what is causing the situation to happen or re-occur. Once you have determined what the belief is behind the situation, the next step is to find a more empowering belief to replace it with.

  • Step 3 - Ask yourself, "What would I have to believe in order to have a different experience occurring in my life? You will find that the answer to this question is usually the exact opposite of the belief you uncovered in step 2.

Now you have discovered the empowering belief, you can use it to create different situations and circumstances in your life.

Copyright © 2013 K Walker
All Rights Reserved

For free tips and resources on how to change your beliefs, Go Here

Karen Walker is a prosperity teacher, mindset expert, speaker, author, and trainer, who teaches individuals and entrepreneurs how to reprogram the the subconscious mind and connect it with the infinite abundance and consciousness of the Universe. For free tips, visit: Activate Abundance


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