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Posted February 2010

Your Potential Is In Your Own Hands

Willie Horton

You may have heard of the so-called Law of Attraction - where this phrase was coined I'm not quite sure. Unfortunately, however, the "Law of Attraction" as popularized by books and videos like "The Secret" is viewed by most of the people that I meet 'logical, successful people if a variety of walls of life - as an old-wives' tale, one-step removed from crystal ball gazing. It's an awful shame that its entry into pop culture has trivialized something that is not just fundamentally true but one that is, as we speak, having a profound influence on your life, whether you know it or not.

Essentially, we're talking about what quantum physicists call the Law of Potentiality. Unlike it's pop psychology or self-help counterpart, this is actually a scientific law from the world of quantum physics, originally postulated as a mathematical theory and then proved experimentally within the last decade. Basically, this law states that particles - of energy, of matter - can potentially be anything or anywhere until we observe them to be as they are. Consequently, it might be useful to consider the question as to whether the universe (including your little bit of it) is as your perceive it or does you perceiving it make it appear so. This is not some form of Zen conundrum, rather it begs the question - is your life, your world, and the lives and worlds of those whom you affect, no more than the consequence of your own expectations? Let's read on.

Quantum physics proves that energy responds to expectation - energy does and is what we expect it to do and be. But, here's the bad news. Psychology has proved conclusively (there are literally decades of research from pretty much every continent) that the normal person only perceives what he or she expects to perceive. Normal people's expectations rarely rise above the normal. In fact, as we will see in a moment, normal people actually expect nothing other than a mundane life. Add to this the fact that US research provides us with evidence that the normal adult default state of mind is negative and we're all in real trouble. You see, this has massive consequences for you, me, our friends, family and children. About 96% of people on this planet believe that, if their lives are mundane, they're doing well! This expectation results in universal energy giving us precious little in return.

Quantum physics proves that energy responds to energy - in other words, the energy of the universe responds to whatever energy input into it - in simple terms, energy in : energy out. Decades of psychological research prove that the normal person puts about 1% of their energy into the only place and time the universe exists - the here and now. The rest of the normal person's mind is wandering - distracted by random useless thoughts or, more seriously, obsessed with the darker voices of the subconscious mind - as my clients say, "the little voice that whispers 'No, you can't!'" So between our negative predisposition and the fact that we're quite literally not all here, it's little wonder that the normal life turns out to be exactly what the normal person expects - at very best, not too bad.

These proven scientific facts - from the twin disciplines of psychology and physics - point the way to how you can change your life. No old wives' tales or crystal balls, hard science tells you that if you expect something different, something different will happen, as sure as night follows day. But what does "expect" mean?

I prefer to use the word "belief" - belief is kind of a subconscious expectation - and it is your subconscious mind's beliefs that suck your energy away from being more present. That being the case, for starters, you need to give your subconscious mind some new beliefs - not just ones that are positive (a little positive thinking can be a dangerous thing) but ones that actually excite and energize you. You've got to "picture" the exciting things that your heart desires out of life - exciting means beyond the norm, beyond the mundane, something that really turns you on. Once you have a feeling of what would really excite you - what would get you leaping out of bed each morning - write it down, as if you have it already. Handwrite it, using only the present tense - it's the language of the subconscious. This then means that you expect something different - and, sooner or later, something different will happen.

Sooner or later? Yes, it depends on just how much energy you put in - not into focusing on your goals, put on what you're doing in the here and now. Otherwise, your mind will wander back to the default position - otherwise, you're as good as dead if you are, like all normal people, only 1% present in the here and now. So, you need to learn how to pay attention to the here and now - you need to fine tune your innate ability to experience the present moment as if it is the only moment that you have. Of course, in reality it is - life is lived moment to moment, success is achieved in what we do and how we behave moment to moment - the universe responds to our input, moment to moment.

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All Rights Reserved

Willie Horton's acclaimed two-day personal development seminars have been running for thirteen years. He teaches that a clear and present state of mind creates extra-ordinary personal and business success. His vast expertise is now available in his Online Workshop at Gurdy.Net. His website also offers daily free personal development video seminars, articles and a Free Personal Development Ezine published every Monday morning.


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