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Posted March 2012

Do You Easily Conceive of Your Wants
and Dreams As Possible?

Joyce Shafer

"Man's conscious thought, acting through Law, may change any condition in his experience, provided he can clearly conceive of such conditions being changed," wrote Ernest Holmes.

When you read what Holmes wrote, what got your attention most? For me, it's the segment, "...provided he can clearly conceive of such conditions being changed." Are you aware of the difference between desiring a particular change for the better, even working for it, and being able to believe without doubt it can happen-or that you deserve it or something even better? Think of something in your life you desire to be improved. Are all or most of your thoughts aligned with, "Yes, that can be mine!"-or not? I offer a clever, accurate image to help you with this in just a bit.

Do you ever catch yourself running a movie in your mind about what you don't want instead of what you do? If yes, I bet you can get the details going in that image, right down to dialogue. Even though you have a theme playing in that movie, your thoughts are likely swarm-like: "Bees" from the past, present, and future buzz in your mind all at once. All this mental activity may even make you feel like you're being productive. If this was productive, things would be improved... Wouldn't they?

What if all that mental activity happens because you can't (yet) CLEARLY CONCEIVE of the improved condition happening-for you? If the image you hold about What Is contrasts with the one you want as your experience, which one will win? If you know anything about Law of Attraction, you know the answer. So, what can you do?

I think we should not try to control our thoughts. That's too much like trying to corral a swarm of bees. However, what we can do is choose the thoughts that help us have the vibrational frequency we prefer. By vibrational frequency, I mean how you want to feel. Then, it becomes vitally important that you feel as much of that right now and as often as possible.

What often blocks us about choosing a preferred feeling-and to feel as much of it as we can right now-is we get caught on the How, how what we want can happen based on what we see, and based on how we feel about what we see.

I heard a perfect way to align with the How described. It's a method I've used, but not with the same clear mental image as this one is: Imagine a radar screen that's three inches in diameter. That small screen is how we view what is and what we've known. But, what REALLY is and is possible expands far, far beyond what's just on our screen, and expands in all directions. What's outside our limited view is all the additional ways Source and the Law can manifest or bring together what's needed to manifest the improvement or something even better. The great question of How, more often than not, gets answered OFF your radar screen. Please really think about what this means, and even recall one or more times this was evident... because if it happened then, it'll happen again... and again.

But, what about how well you can conceive of the condition improving the way you desire it to? Maybe when you think of the desired change, your image of or mental movie about that experience doesn't have as many (believable) details as the one you have about what you don't want. You may have noticed you can't force yourself to believe something, even something you really want to believe. But you can seek and find a point of alignment that gets you there or at least puts your feet on the path.

If conceiving the improvement as yours is an issue, find a thought that aligns with what you ultimately want like, "The highest good for me and all involved," or feel true appreciation for all you have and/or all that IS possible. This is actually a better start than it may seem. What you want to find is a better vibration to transmit. And, yes, the more you align with and match how having your desire FEELS, the stronger your transmission is. As you build your createability-with-your-feelings-and-thoughts skills, this is a way to help keep the clutter out of your mental space and vibrational frequency because your vibrational transmission is your command.

Sometimes, being specific about what you want is helpful. Many or most times your desired way to feel is all you need to transmit as a vibration. Source knows what you need and want and awaits your feelings (your vibration) to match the vibration of what you desire...because the matching, according to the Law, is what brings the energy into form (manifestation).

If you cannot conceive of your desires as yours (yet), you can put your feet on these stepping stones. You can remind yourself that, "Okay, maybe I don't know how or when, nor do I have to. I only know this process works, and usually outside what I see in front of me." It helps, as I mentioned, if you're conscious of times when this or something similar has been your experience and the results delighted or even surprised you.

You can also assist this by noticing if-or when-the majority of your thoughts are on what you don't want, don't want more of, want to stop, don't like, don't appreciate, worry about or fear-and shift to the FEELING you do want, whether that shift causes a nearly blissful vibration or just a better one than you had. Thankfully, you have what Abraham-Hicks calls a buffer of time, to adjust your thoughts and, therefore, your vibrations. But, you want to get out of the practice of "relying" on that buffer too much and into the practice of transmitting vibrations that match (align with) the feelings you really want. Feel them now instead of waiting. The goal is to consciously, deliberately (even joyfully) stop opposing yourself and your "Stream of Well-Being" and to expand your awareness of how everything works in tandem with everything else.

It seems a good time for all of us to reframe what Law of Attraction is: Law of Attraction is not as much about techniques for getting what you want as it is a guide about how to be and live.

Practice makes progress.

Copyright © 2012 Joyce Shafer
All Rights Reserved

Joyce Shafer is a Life Empowerment Coach dedicated to helping people feel, be, and live their true inner power. She's author of "I Don't Want to be Your Guru" and other books/ebooks, and publishes a free weekly online newsletter that offers empowering articles and free downloads. See all that's offered by Joyce and on her site at


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