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Posted July 2010

Turn Your Worst Problem Into Your Best Opportunity

Brenda Campbell

Many people have the aim in life to attract success like a magnet, however everyone has their share of problems that move into and out of life. What havoc or beauty they bring with them is really up to the individual. It is possible to choose your action or reaction to obstacles and adversity and determine how you will approach each situation. Take the negative view and see each as a problem, sometimes insurmountable, or the positive view that each is an opportunity that has a solution. It is all a matter of perspective.

First, try to understand how you normally react when you experience hardship. You must know whether you fall back and stay back and therefore see the situation as negative or whether you quickly recover, take a positive perspective and look immediately at solutions. The one thing that is definite is that overcoming hardship is a skill that you need to get through life. Positive or negative, you decide.

If you have taken note of how you react and know that you get up quickly and start looking at the situation as an opportunity and find solutions, then you are functioning from a positive perspective. Well done, stay on that path. You have probably also found how much easier it is to get around barriers when you are thinking about solutions and what it is that you want to happen.

If, however, you have identified that you fall away and stay away, reacting to adversity as if it is a problem then you hold yourself in a negative state and it is unlikely from this point that you are going to easily find ways to get on with what it is you want to do. No doubt you spend a lot of time thinking about what you don't want, how hard life is and wishing that it could be a lot simpler. Well it can be and it is all up to you and how your choose to act.

Having identified that you see problems and not solutions or opportunities, take a little time now to start to work on changing that habit. First, make a pact with yourself to stop talking about problems and start talking about solutions. Language makes a big difference as does your silent mind chatter. If all that your mind hears is how impossible the situation is, then that is being reinforced continuously. If all that your mind hears is what you do not want, then that is what you will get. Remember, the powerful Law of Attraction says that you get what you focus on.

Additionally, the people around you will hear how hard it is and will reinforce that to you and to themselves and possibly even to your customers. Almost everyone these days is looking for what can be done, not what can not be done and quite frankly, if they are paying, then that is reasonable. So stop with the talk about problems and start with the talk about solutions.

Then, sit for a moment and write down a list of all of your problems. Alongside that, list all of the possible solutions, even if they seem a little crazy. Go over those solutions and see what you need to have at your disposal to make it work. Ask your self a few questions such as - can I get those things? What to I need to know to do this? How can I get that knowledge? Who do I know who has it?

Right now you are in solutions mode and doesn't it feel great?

When you are swamped by a problem, seeing only the negative, you can bet it feels pretty bad. As soon as you move to solutions, you mood will lift, your brain will fire off ideas and you will start to get motivated. Great, stay with that.

Last, and most important, take action. It is not enough to see a way around a problem or to see any event as an opportunity. The next and sometimes most difficult is to get active. Go and get those things that you need to make something start to happen, persist, do not give up, every day decide what you will do towards your solutions and just keep on it.

Stay with the basics - decide what you are going to do, take action every day, persist and keep an eye out for when you have succeeded. Celebrate that moment.

Copyright © 2010 Brenda Campbell
All Rights Reserved

Brenda Campbell, BA Health Science, is an experienced Coach and Mentor and works with people to assist them to achieve their dreams and attract success. If you found this article on opportunity versus problem useful, go to Brenda's website to find out how to get started with a personal development program


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