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The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self


Posted May 1, 2007

Overcoming Life's Obstacles

Asoka Selvarajah, Ph.D.

The myths and legends are filled with many obstacles that the hero must overcome before finally achieving the goal of the quest. In some cases, he or she takes a wrong turn and goes in the wrong direction for many years. Another trap may be that the hero ends up in a very comfortable place filled with luxuries; symbolizing the numerous distractions from the true goal. All such obstacles symbolize the distractions that we lend our attention to in our own lives.

Many people on the path do achieve high levels of success and acclaim. If due caution is not exercised, these may be like those false seductive resting places in the myths. They threaten to lull us to sleep forever. In many cases, this is exactly what happens. People who achieve a high level of success in some public field, and achieve celebrity status, often give up on the spiritual journey. It is questionable if they ever seriously pursued it in the first place.

Others can take wrong turns, and head off to needlessly face merciless monsters. Perhaps you are in precisely this place, when you demand that you produce your gift before you continue with your spiritual quest. You may even demand it before you can feel good about yourself and your innate right to a happy life. Many people behave in just this manner.

Interestingly, if you keep on the main road, you are far more likely to find your gift. Moreover, you are better empowered to actually give it to the rest of us. However, the key point is this: it really does not matter one bit in the scheme of things if you do not. You do not need to feel that your life is a failure. You certainly do not need to feel that you are unworthy of being loved, or less worthy of life and joy than anyone else.

We come into this world with only one purpose. That purpose is to come into a full awareness of who we are, and to live from a place of perfect Love. You can only give what you have. You cannot give what you do not have. Therefore, if you seek to manifest Love to the world, you must first have Love to give. If you despair of world events and wish everyone would come to their senses, but yourself remain fragmented and divided within, you merely contribute to the world's problems. You certainly do not solve them. In fact, by even insisting upon this viewpoint - seeing the world as less than perfect - you merely insist that your own limited viewpoint and understanding is the correct one. All this does is strengthen the walls of your ego consciousness. Yet, you cannot even understand the workings of your own mind! Therefore, what makes you qualified to judge the state of the rest of the world?

The teaching of the Mystery Schools is that only by becoming fully integrated as human beings, and accessing the Source of All, can we truly effect change in the world. Therefore, our first step must be to accept things as they are. Acknowledge that as a finite limited person, you do not have perfect knowledge of the workings of the universe, or of God's activities within creation. Then, begin working upon yourself. Put yourself in a place where you can be filled with the wisdom of the Higher Self. Begin also to put yourself in a place where you become purified of the forces that hold you back from attaining the true inheritance that awaits.

Only then will the way ahead become clear. It soon becomes plain what your specific gift is AND how to manifest it for the benefit of all. Moreover, you also gain insight into why the world is as it is, and what your specific role is within it at this time. So, by putting first things first, all things come into proper perspective and fall into their rightful place.

Copyright © 2001 Asoka Selvarajah
All Rights Reserved

Asoka Selvarajah is a writer on personal growth and spirituality, and the author of "The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self" (click on the image on the left). His work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and discover their soul's purpose. You can subscribe to his FREE ezine, and get his FREE ebook Inner Light Outer Wealth.


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