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Posted October 1, 2002

The Magician Within You:
Solve Your Problems And Achieve Your Goals Quickly Through Mind Power Techniques


There are different methods for achieving your goals in life. The conventional recipe is the acknowledged method of 'hard work' and struggle. We have heard of famous personalities who had achieved great success by sheer dint of hard work and persistence. Unfortunately, however, most of the hard-working people do not achieve any significant level of success, leaving a trail of frustration and dejection. The methods adopted would be deemed to serve our ends, if they not only enable achievement of goals but solve our problems as well.

It is an axiom that whatever we are, we owe it to our state of mind only. The human mind is, truly, an energy-pack of immeasurable potentialities. Most of the success achievers have got their goals accomplished by the use, consciously or unconsciously, of a little-known method, which has now come to be known as 'mental reprogramming' or 'mind power activation'. This is the concept used by the different commercial courses like Silva Mind Control, Mind Dynamics, Alpha Mind Power etc. All mental programming methods teach you how to tap the enormous, albeit, 'magic' power of your subconscious mind.

Prof. William James, considered to be the greatest American psychologist of modern times, declared :"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives." That is, we can SOLVE our problems and ACHIEVE our goals more EASILY and QUICKLY by changing the images in our subconscious mind.

Repeated affirmations and visualisation are the means by which strong images are implanted in the Subconscious mind, which then goes into action to bring the desired goal into manifestation in the physical world by altering the existing reality to match the new projection. This happens because the 'outer' is only a reflection of the 'inner' and once the inner picture changes, the outer picture has to, necessarily, change. Circumstances, events and even people then gravitate toward the individual concerned to materialise the new reality !

It has been found, by extensive scientific research, that the most productive level for impacting the subconscious mind is the Alpha level of brainwave activity, when the brain pulsations slow down to 8-12 cycles per second as against the normal, conscious level of 14-20 cycles per second, called the Beta level. The 'alpha' level can be easily achieved by taking some deep breaths, by rolling both the eyes upward, counting backwards from 100 to 1 or 50 to 1 or by simply playing 'slow Baroque' music in the backgound. Through intensive reprogramming of the mind at the alpha level, we can change any situation to meet our desires or requirements. The so-called 'impossible' then becomes 'possible', so-called 'coincidences' occur with increased regularity and whatever we want becomes attainable.

Essentially, the technique involves:
a) writing down your desires clearly
b) picturising them vividly as if they have already manifested
c) affirming the perfect fulfillment of the desires
d) giving thanks, in advance, to God, the Supreme Architect of the Universe and
e) taking immediate, tangible action on the ideas which flow into your mind on the trail of the above four steps.

It has been found that regular use of this method brings fabulous results within a few months (in some cases, within weeks!), even if the same had appeared impossible or totally unlikely in the beginning or even at total variance with all the sensory evidence around the individual. Money has been obtained, career goals acccomplished, relationship problems solved and illnesses have been banished using this time-tested method.

Copyright Ó 2002 K.P.Rajagopalan
All Rights Reserved

The author is working as Asst. General Manager with the Steel Authority of India Limited( A Government of India Enterprise), Bokaro Steel Unit Office at Chennai and can be contacted at Ph. 91-44-4462817 or emailed at


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Copyright Ó 2002 Linda Ann Stewart
All Rights Reserved