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Posted November 1, 2001

"It Was Just Like In the Movies...."

Asoka Selvarajah, Ph.D

One of the things that struck me forcibly about the events of September 11th 2001 was the terrible resemblance the attacks bore to a Hollywood blockbuster disaster movie. It was quite uncanny......

Desperate terrorists seize passenger airline planes and plunge them into the WTC towers. The Pentagon is hit. The President of the United States takes to the skies in Airforce One, under the protection of scrambled F-15 fighters. The White House is threatened. Brave passengers face dangerous terrorists and give their lives to save the nation's honor. The WTC towers collapse so dramatically that Hollywood's Special Effects could not have staged it any better. Thousands are killed. Acts of heroism abound. CNN broadcasts: "America Under Attack". And so on.

Do you want to know why it resembled a Hollywood movie so closely? The reason is because it IS a Hollywood movie!

Does this sound crazy?

It really isn't if we truly believe in the power of thought. Thoughts are things. Thoughts are VERY powerful. They are the life-blood of our civilization. They work in the non-material world of Cause, and produce effects in our material world. The everyday world we see - the world of Effects - is the result of thought. Thought is Prime Cause for all we see around us.

We know that if one person visualizes a goal long enough, with emotion and energy, and invests his imagination with images of his desired success, then that reality will manifest in time without fail. That is what all great spiritual and metaphysical teachers have been saying for millennia. Thought is supreme.

So what would happen if you could get literally hundreds of millions of people to visualize the exact same scenarios over and over again, AND also provide them with the precise powerful visual images they need to, not merely imagine the experience in their heads, but actually live it out vicariously right before their very eyes? What if you did this not once, but over and over again, year after year, decade after decade?

This is exactly what the Hollywood movie industry has been doing. It has effectively been imaging terrible disasters on America for decades, and we have all been willing participants in it; paying our dollars out to enjoy watching our cities being devastated, thousands being killed, our national monuments destroyed, and so on.

Think about it. In "The Siege", we had the siege of New York by terrorists. "Independence Day" gave us the total destruction of the major cities of America and the world by aliens. "The Towering Inferno" had thousands of people trapped in a burning skyscraper. In "Deep Impact", an asteroid destroyed many of America's cities, including New York. "Die Hard 2" gave us a maniac international terrorist blowing up parts of New York with bombs. "Airforce One" had the terrorist disaster scenario taken to the President's plane. With "The Rock", terrorists seize Alcatraz island, and threaten to shell the city with thermonuclear devices. Finally, "Godzilla" had New York totally devastated by a giant dinosaur!

Doubtless, this not the end of the list. Nevertheless, it makes the point most clearly. What have we been feeding our minds with all these years?! It is not just the minds of Americans we are talking about. The minds of hundreds of millions of people all over the world, through the power of film distribution, have contributed powerfully to projecting negative thought power into the non-material realms from which all Effects eventually emerge. Moreover, these images never die. Through the power of video and DVD purchases and rentals, people continue to feed these disaster images with energy for decades to come!

What is so fascinating about repeatedly wishing destruction upon ourselves on this scale? Why do we continue to invest our dollars in such entertainments to the extent that our wishes are beginning to manifest in the material world to this horrifying extent?

Thought has power. The whole of human civilization is testimony to this. Consequently, perhaps we now have to come to terms with a brutal fact of life. Negative thoughts and images of our nation, and of the entire world, CAN produce direct results on the physical plane that we might never have conceived possible.

Does this mean that Mr. ben Laden, if he indeed masterminded this attack, is not really guilty of it? No. However, perhaps his role is somewhat analogous to Judas' in the passion story of Christ. Certainly, Judas was responsible for his actions. However, what would have happened if Judas had NOT played his part? In that case, God's great plan of salvation for humanity (as understood by Christians) would have been thwarted! Christ could not have gone to the Cross!

In like manner, the people who organized this event are certainly responsible for it. However, at another dimension of reality, they may not be the only ones. Given that we have been powerfully visualizing destruction upon America for decades, through the medium of our movies, these people may been instruments through which our unconscious projections could be made manifest.

It is the pure materialist who claims that none of this is true; that there is no scientifically proven link. The esoteric person knows that there IS a non-material dimension that actually far exceeds the physical in scope. Such a person also knows the power of Thought, when channelled and focused in the manner described here. Perhaps it is time to ask some searching questions of the type of music, movie, and other forms of entertainment that we allow ourselves. We need to become fully aware of what the channelled focus of hundreds of millions of people over a period of many years is capable of.

Copyright Ó 2001 Asoka Selvarajah
All Rights Reserved

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose. Subscribe to his free ezine, "Aspire To Wisdom" and download his free ebook Inner Light, Outer Wealth - A Guide To Spiritual Growth & Personal Improvement. You can visit his website at Mystic Visions.


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Copyright Ó 2001 Linda Ann Stewart
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