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Posted January 2013

Harnessed Intention - Powerfully Creates Your Life/Business Through Success

Veronique C

Most people may look at intention as either having one, or the lack thereof. However, everything comes through some form of an intention! "Clear intention", is without hidden agendas and supports you into being unlimited through ease, grace, abundance and an overall internal happiness personally, professionally and organizationally. How?

Being clear requires being "totally unconditional" with yourself and others through honesty and accountability in how you feel. Are your feelings generated through anger... which is the root of all fear... and ultimately will then create your intentions through loss, lack and/or illness. Your choice.

Intentions through love are not just isolated to your personal or spiritual life, they "do" effect you professionally and organizationally. The difference between projecting negative (anger) or positive (love) in intentions is how they energetically effect your life situations. Intentions built from accountability/responsibility/allowance, without being a doormat, is how you can build your life or a business successfully or how you will reverse your life or business to struggle if you choose a negative intention/projection. Operating your life through accountable/responsible choices supports you in receiving sooner rather than later because this choice reinforces harnessing clear intentions to a laser beam creation. A triple benefit is you open yourself to a world of opportunities that are normally closed to those that live through any level of stressed filled anger of thinking you not getting what you want. What you are "getting" is "how" you are intending.

True intent equals outcome always. Intention generates all the activities energetically and universally. Everything that we can see - and even what we can not see are an expression of the infinite organizing power of intentions.

The choice is always up to you on how you focus your intentions. Choosing to get real with yourself by being unconditionally, and sometimes it may feel "brutal" yet honest reflection will unfold endless rewards. Allow yourself to be more and more responsible "for how you feel" and any misdirection can be instantly redirected. Example, project peace, you receive peace and its rewards. Project upset, you receive upset and its struggles. Get focused... be love... be completely accountable for your life choices, and how you feel, moment to moment and success is "simply" yours.

Remember, your intention is only the starting point. It is the influence, without exception, that fulfills all of your needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. Harness clear intention and transform everyday choices into laser like decisions as well. Think deeply and carefully on your goals... then get inspired by being honest and clear with yourself and others.

Keep asking yourself how you are approaching a situation, this self-question helps you refine your intentions. Prepare your goals in the different stages of your life... list your desires. Creating a "clear" list creates a focus for your intention to hone in on. Intentions are the power behind "easy" manifestation and always at your disposal. Intend for everything to work out "as it should", then detach (let go let God) and allow opportunities and openings to come your way. The outcome you are trying so hard to "force" will never be as "good for you" as the one that comes naturally.

Intentions will transform lives more quickly, even in our high-tech world that makes any of us feel time-poor. It is easy then to falsely misperceive a situation that we jump at through incentive, or respond to because we are stimulated rather than choosing though clear intentions. Clear intentions "is the laser" that cuts through any illusion that holds you/me/anyone back from having our dreams completely fulfilled.

Harnessed clarity transforms everyday choices into laser precise choices and confident decisions. As you think deeply/carefully on your goals, inspiration comes by being honest with yourself and others. Your honesty and clarity brings into existence a laser like focus/results. Decisions originating from clear intentions will produce an endless secession of positive results. The challenge is that sometimes we move so fast we move quickly past "choosing" and feel like we are simply "reacting" to the multitude of stimuli - demands of our personal and/or business/professional life.

Remember, your intention is just the starting point. It is your influence, your strength. It is the point in which everything starts and without exception, by focusing through love it will fulfill all of your needs, whether for money, health, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. Remember, true intent equals outcome always. Intention generates all the activities energetically and universally. Everything that we can see - and even what we can not see become an expression of intention's infinite organizing power for you to receive... negatively or positively. It is always your choice.

To assist in "intentionally responding" to opportunities and/or requests that come your way, before choosing your direction... ask yourself...

- Does this "truly" interest me "enough" where I am willing to spend my time, no matter what? (Remember, time is also money and money exchanged is our spiritual responsibility to ourselves in the quality of life we want to receive through our service. Spend it wisely.

- Do I "truly" have the necessary resources? Our my skills where they need to be, is my money accounts balanced enough to take on something additional, are my contacts/arraignments/agreements with others clear, is my current knowledge enough to make a positive impact?

- Am I willing and able to give our most precious resource, time, to this opportunity/request?

- Am I willing to make the "personal commitment" necessary to be successful and fulfill any necessary demands that may come through this commitment?

Highly successful people use questions like these to live intentionally... do you?

Success comes from never losing sight of the most powerful word of all - choice. The choice is always yours. Success is never accidental, it is always intentional. Choose to live intentionally.

Copyright © 2013 Veronique C
All Rights Reserved

Veronique of Veronique Inc. has been Building Unshakable Internal Foundations since 1986. Do you want to reach your goals sooner rather than later through this integrated professional development system? Contact us today to continue in your own personal development!


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