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Posted December 2009

Holiday Tips For Extra Sensitive People

Cassandra Batson

If you typically find yourself stressed and overloaded during the holiday season, consider this. You may be suffering from ESP....Extra Sensitive Person syndrome. The crowds in stores and at holiday events may put you into a tailspin, not just because you have extra responsibilities, but also because you may be resonating with the angst and anxiety of others. Think you may be an extra sensitive Person? Ask yourself this. Have you ever set out on a joyful day of holiday shopping, only to return feeling edgy, full of angst and upset for no good reason? Do you typically feel down and depressed when you are around others during this season? If you have experienced these things, it may not be you. You may be matching the mood of those around you.

The holidays are typically difficult for those who have lost loved ones or otherwise feel alone. As an ESP you may find yourself sympathizing with the woes and grief unspoken by others. The low vibrations that others are feeling around you will erode your energy field if you are not extra vigilant. Here's what you can do about it:

  • Give yourself the basics, plenty of rest, a healthy diet and adequate exercise.
  • Spend time alone in an uplifting environment.
  • Make a point to be around uplifting people.
  • Take an epsom salts or sea salts bath several times during the season. The salt and hot water cleanse your energy field, remineralize your body and help you sweat out toxins.
  • Be mindful of your mood when going into crowds, and get out when you feel it dropping.
  • Fortify the energetic shield of protection around you by imagining light and love coming down from source and enveloping you like a protective blanket. Thought moves energy and your intent to have a divinely provided buffer zone will create it in your energy field.
  • Take time to get a massage or energy healing session to rejuvenate and keep you feeling joyful during this season.

The most important thing is to recognize and honor your sensitivity and treat yourself accordingly. Sensitivity is a gift which allows you to be responsive to others. In order to use it as the gift that it is, it's essential to consciously create a self care strategy which will carry you through holidays and with joy and ease.

Copyright © 2009 Cassandra Batson
All Rights Reserved

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