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Posted November 19, 2009

Learn How to Condition Your Mind
Softly, Easily, Consistently - Get Results

Patricia Winston

"Change the mental movie that you keep viewing in your mind to one that you like. Keep playing it in your mind, and before long the movie turns into reality. Do not undervalue the importance of success in small matters. It proves to you that with persistence, greater success is possible too." ~Anonymous

"Whether or not you believe you can do a thing, you are right." ~ Henry Ford

So, you've been musing about changing things in your life? How does one go about change? It seems a daunting task. It seems insurmountable. As though, the way things are is the way things are meant to be. Yes? Fatalism - predetermination. Who am I to think I can do anything different than what I see before me right now? Well, history is full of changers; people that didn't think the "status quo" had to remain.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Ghandi

We are conditioned from birth to be a certain way - our family sees to it. That way was handed down through generations of ancestors who accepted the way things were and did nothing but act on their immediate issue and called that good. More likely than not, they gave their immediate issue a "knee jerk" reaction that arose through their family generational programming and kept the status quo for another generation.

Programming - is it done to you or can you take charge of the programming? Yes and yes.

If we find tremendous discomfort in our situation, we can ask ourselves three questions:

  1. Do I want control?
  2. Do I want approval?
  3. Do I want survival?

Exploring these motives will launch us on a mindset adventure that can possibly clear a path to our intention, mission and purpose for any specific issue, large or small.

After learning more about our underlying motives, we can then set out to condition our mind for the change we desire and finally move forward into the direction we prefer to spend our time.

The way to begin:

  • Define what we want to change
  • Define the purpose of the change

This requires contemplation - think about it, and writing down the bones. Through writing, list what we don't like, and then turn that list of negatives into what we do like. From that, write an expression of why we want this. This process makes clear our ultimate objective.

Now, we can get down to conditioning our mind - programming.

Three popular methods are:

  1. Visualize
  2. Verbalize
  3. Release

The daily conditioning using visualization, verbalization and release leads to developing self confidence through letting go of fear as it arises and gaining a sense of familiarity through patterning what you really want.

Something I know is true is that positive action and thought is a natural state of the human mind. It gets covered over with negative programming. We see this in toddlers before the programming of the adult caretaker takes over. So, by exploring your mind with questions, then restating and re-seeing what you want consistently, you unfold the natural state of positivity already yours.

Your exploration provides a blueprint for the new way of being. There will be small changes along the way as you discover who you really are underneath the conditioning you grew up in or took on as a way of dealing with life issues. These small, seemingly insignificant changes lead to big life advances.

Finally, you can relax into the knowledge that you showed up, did your work and now it's done, finished and completed.

Choose a convenient time to practice these mind conditioning suggestions each day. A time when you know you can spend these moments with yourself creating the conditions you want for yourself.

If you miss a day here and there, be easy with your resolve to create a new life condition. Let go of any rhetoric that implies you are not serious. Bring yourself gently back to the task and march on. Rome wasn't built in a day and most things worth having will take some effort on your part to conceive, believe and receive.

And, you are worth it - right?

Copyright © 2009 Patricia Winston
All Rights Reserved

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