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Posted February 2012

The Importance of Choice For Successful Living

M. Elena Rogers

The importance of choice in our lives cannot be underestimated. In fact, we have the freedom to choose what manner of life we live, and this will be defined by our choices.

I have an Indian friend who decided to leave his humble origins in Northern India and to emigrate because he realized that, in that manner, he would be able to gain a scholarship and have the university career he dreamed of. Later, when he was an important professor in his field, he confided to me that the choice had not been an easy one. He had to fight against the negativity of his environment, the fear of his family who were afraid they would lose him, and the ubiquitous friends and acquaintances who told him it was madness. The importance of choice was verified by his difficult but right choice. He told me, in later life that he was very satisfied with his career which, among other things, gave him the possibility to return to his native India often and that he had "engineered his life" well.

Most people who have practiced taking time to make right choices, agree that your choice should always be in harmony with the best good for all and the Universe. This leads you to be in sync with the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind (or Divine Mind) as it is sometimes called, does not contain a blueprint of everything a person is going to do, and does allow for individual choice or action. If the individual complies with the fundamental laws of life, the Divine Energy picks up the Divine idea and creatively flows through it and along with it.

The importance of choice is essential to all people and especially to inventors, artists, musicians and creative individuals in general. The creative individual can train his mind to listen to the Divine Mind so that choices are made in accord with the Divine Nature. The Divine Mind stimulates, suggests, and directs action if the person takes the time to listen. The true genius is someone who listens and relates what he heard to the physical world around him. How many times have we heard musicians and artists say "I didn't do it, I just listened and it came through me," whether it be a symphony or Michelangelo hewing out of the marble, "what was already there."

To me, the importance of choice was brought home by two analogous situations but with very different endings. Two young women I know, Sue, and Megan, found themselves pregnant as late-teenagers. They both decided to keep their babies against the wishes of their teenage boyfriends who were the fathers of their children. Sue, began to get part-time work at a local fast-food shop, and with the help of her parents managed to scrape by. She hated her job and was always frustrated by the fact that she had only finished high school. She began to take light drugs to relieve her dissatisfaction, but this only made things worse. I saw her when she was under the care of a social worker. She looked at me with wistful eyes and said, "I wish I had chosen to go back to school. If I had made that choice, my life would have been different now." Then, I added, "But you did choose to keep your baby." Yes, she said her eyes gleaming, "That was a right choice."

Megan, on the other hand, despite the fact that she had a sick mother, determined to finish her studies. She studied while the baby slept, helped her sick mother and often at night, would go and work evenings in a pub to get the money for her university course. Now what is amazing, is that Susan wasn't doing a short bachelor degree but was doing an engineering degree. I was amazed how cheerful she always was, and how she never lost sight of her goal. Now, she is a fully qualified engineer, and has a full-time job with which she can give security to herself and her baby boy. The importance of choice is evident here. She chose "the hard road" to knuckle down and go after her dream.

Man, if he makes the right choices can individualize the true creative power, which is the Divine Intelligence manifesting into form. So the next time you are at cross-roads in your life, never, ever, underestimate the importance of choice. The consequences of your choices will follow you for the rest of your life. Right choices will bring you the happy, satisfied life that you have always desired.

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All Rights Reserved

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