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Posted July 2011

Your Limiting Beliefs Can Be Eliminated Once You Identify Them

Terrie Wurzbacher

Sometimes people want to find out what limiting beliefs govern them but can't seem to figure it out. In another article I discussed how to use other people in your life to identify the qualities you want to eliminate. I'll review that here too. But you can use a simple phrase to get the "juices flowing" (or actually to have the Universe start bringing information to you). You can also figure out what you want in your life and then see what is holding you back. These beliefs are deeply embedded in you and you must want to challenge and change them.

Look at people around you that you're not really fond of and see what qualities they have that you don't like. These are most likely qualities you have within you (or some variation of) and are probably based on limiting beliefs. So make a list of these people on one sheet of paper and start a second list of the qualities. When you're done listing the qualities you want to get rid of, begin a third that lists the beliefs behind those qualities. You'll be surprised how you'll find many limiting beliefs behind these qualities.

You can use this simple phrase to get the Universe to bring you some answers. But be aware that you may not really like the truth you receive. However, realize that it is the truth. If the Universe brings you the answers you've asked for do not question it or try to rationalize it. The phrase is "Reveal to me the truth about myself."

You also can make a list of everything you want in life. Just let it free flow and write as fast as you can. Once you've made this list you go over it and on each thing you don't have figure out what it is that's been holding you back from getting it. This master list will show you the keys to your limiting beliefs.

If you still believe what people told you, whether it was this morning or years ago and you need to ask yourself, "Why in the world would I believe that? Why would I listen to somebody who would tell me something like that? They didn't have any money. They never wanted any money. They didn't think they could have money. They didn't think they could expect to have money. They're making me still live with what they told me a long time ago."

Your subconscious still accepts that until you get rid of it. It does not get rid of it by itself. You have to change it. After you have recognized this and recognized who's doing it, ask yourself these questions, "Why did I accept her authority?" It's usually a relative or someone in authority.

If you believe that you have to work hard to get more money, then you'll find yourself getting more jobs that you can work longer hours at. If you believe that you need more schooling, then you'll be behind the eight ball unless you tell yourself, "No, I can make money. I know more and I have common sense."

You need to use self-talk to get rid of it. Self-talk is when you argue with yourself. Why in the world would I believe something Aunt Susie told me? Why would I believe something that Uncle Joe said when he didn't have a penny to his name and somebody else was buying his clothes? Why do I still believe that? What he did or said has nothing to do with me.

You argue with yourself. Those are the denials. To find out more about how your limiting beliefs hinder you from succeeding in changing your life and what to do about it, check out The Art of Making Things Happen.

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