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Posted February 2013

A Simple Process to Create
an Abundant Mindset

Keith Cook

Were you raised hearing that "It's better to give than to receive"? I've always found this saying confusing. One, because it is extremely fun to receive. Second, because when you give you always receive something in return. And it's usually far greater than what you gave in the first place. That's why highly successful people make it a point to give back to the world.

For some people, developing a prosperity mindset is difficult. All they can see is what they lack, and it's difficult to feel generous enough to share when you don't feel you have enough for yourself. Many people, without realizing it, are focused on the lack of money, rather than the presence of money in their experience. Even though they have decided what they want, they hold themselves apart from their desires because they are noticing more of the lack of what's wanted as opposed to having it. This reinforces the fact that every subject is really 2 subjects, what is wanted and the lack of it.

It's natural for all matters of abundance and prosperity to flow into your life experience and using the wallet process will enable you to lower your resistance to money and allow it to flow through you with ease. In other words, you will stop pushing money away with thoughts of not having and increase the flow of money into your life.

So when is a good time to use the wallet process? When you want to attract more money into your experience. When you want to improve how you currently feel about money in order to allow more to flow into your life. When you feel there is a shortage of money in your life.

Let's start by obtaining a one hundred dollar bill. Keep it on your person at all times and remind yourself often that it's there. Pay close attention to your increase of self worth and added sense of security that it brings you. As you move throughout your day, be conscious of the countless things you can and want to buy with that hundred dollars. For instance, as you walk by a nice restaurant, say to yourself, I could stop in and have a wonderful dinner. Or as you go by a clothing store and you see something that you like, remind yourself that you could purchase that item because you have one hundred dollars in your wallet.

By holding on to the hundred dollar bill and not spending it right away, you begin to feel, believe and give off vibrations that lower your resistance to not having what you want. The benefit you gain is a sense of having the money you need already and as that feeling and vibration grows, you will begin to attract more money into your life experience. In other words, if you were to remember your hundred dollars and spend it on the first thing that you notice, you gain the benefit of really feeling your financial well being only once. But if you mentally spent that hundred dollars 40 or 50 times that day, you gain the feeling advantage of having spent 4 or 5 thousand dollars.

It will seem as though life is magically falling into place when you accomplish that vibrational feeling of financial abundance. The money you are making now will seem to go further. As you move throughout your day, unexpected amounts of money will show up in your experience. People you do not even know presently, will give you money. Even items that you would've easily spent your money on, will come to you without having any expenditure.

You see, each time you acknowledge you have the ability or means in your wallet to purchase this or buy that over and over again, you reduce your resistance to not having money and add to your financial well being, which allows money to flow to you freely. "You do not actually have to be abundant to attract abundance. But you do have to feel abundant." Abraham Hicks. By imagining you are spending this money again and again, you practice emitting a feeling or vibration of financial well being, security and abundance. In kind, the world and universe around you responds to that feeling with a constant manifestation of abundance.

Copyright © 2013 Keith Cook
All Rights Reserved

Keith is a Personal Development & Online Marketing Coach. He empowers and inspires people to discover their passions, fulfill their dreams, and achieve their life's purpose. To learn more, please visit


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