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Affirmations are a powerful way
to transform your life.

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

Affirmations are statements that instruct the subconscious mind about what you want. You're always affirming either postively or negatively, by the things that you tell yourself.

Are you telling yourself that you can acheive your goal or that you can't? Your subconscious is simply following your directions.

Take that natural process and use it to manifest what you want.

Your subconscious mind must accept the ideas that you dwell on and create their equivalent in your life. That is its purpose.

Your subconscious mind acts on the overall tendency of your thinking.

Many people are concerned that when they decide that they want something better and greater, that they're somehow coercing the Universe into giving them something that the Universe doesn't think they should have.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Universe wants you to have the best, and is just waiting for you to accept it. Your desire is simply waiting for you to claim it.

My name is Linda-Ann Stewart and I'm a coach, speaker and hypnotherapist with over thirty years of experience in personal development and metaphysics. In 1990, I needed to rebuild my life. I knew affirmations would improve my life, and I repeated them throughout my day. Soon, I had a series of miracles that helped get my life back on track.

I created these Affirmation Ebooks based on my years of personal and professional experience with affirmations.

The best way to create the change you want is to use an affirmation that covers many of the issues of whatever challenge you're experiencing. By using a longer affirmation, you're able to address the whole condition. Then, during the day, use a shorter affirmation to reinforce your new pattern of thinking.

To imprint the new ideas on your subconscious mind, the best way is to repeat an affirmation aloud, and keep saying it for between five and fifteen minutes each day. You can do this by reciting the short affirmation over and over.

In this way, you begin to change your mind about the challenge, and when your thoughts about the situation changes, the issue responds by changing.

Your thoughts are energy and attract conditions into your life. Begin to attract the conditions that you want.

Do you want to:

  • Improve your life?
  • Tap into the power of the Universe?
  • Release the blocks to your desire?
  • Attract all that you need for your goal?
  • Create the life you want?
  • Live up to your potential?

Within a few minutes from now, you can begin making those changes by downloading these ebooks.

However, just reading the affirmation once in a while won't make the changes you want in your life. You must be ready to let go of old ideas and behaviors, and be willing to do what's necessary in the physical world to bring the new conditions into your life.

Change takes commitment on your part.

I've created these long affirmations based on my years of experience in metaphysics and as an hypnotherapist. I use some of these affirmations as meditations during hypnosis with my clients. You can use them as an affirmation or as a meditation.

Read the longer affirmation out loud at least once a day to change your outdated thought processes.

Each meditation is between three hundred and four hundred fifty words long. They have been created in .pdf format. (For a free .pdf reader, go to

Spirit Supports Itself
Experience more prosperity and success in your life. Some of the areas this meditation addresses:

  • Improves your feelings of self-worth.
  • Increases your faith.
  • Changes your beliefs about money.
  • As part of the Universe, the Infinite supports you fully.
  • The Universe supplies what you need.
  • Your abundance has already been given to you.

My Ideal Weight
The Universe created you to be slender. Some of the areas this meditation addresses:

  • The causes of what created your being overweight.
  • Establishes new patterns in your thinking.
  • Improves feelings of worthiness.
  • Listening to what your body needs.
  • Trust in the Universe.
  • Changing your thoughts and behaviors.

I've discovered that almost every problem has, at its heart, a lack of self-acceptance. Some of the areas this affirmation addresses:

  • Increasing self-worth.
  • Erasing false ideas.
  • Self-validation.
  • You were created for a purpose.
  • Releasing outdated standards.
  • Accepting others.

Each e-book contains:

  • Meditation/Long Affirmation - In each e-book, these are different and are specific to the subject you've chosen. You may want to find some attractive paper to print it on.
  • Short Affirmation - One sentence to reinforce the longer meditation/affirmation, and is directly below the meditation/long affirmation.
  • Commentary - An expansion and explanation of that particular affirmation/meditation so you can fully understand the wording. You can read this occasionally just for inspiration.

As A Bonus

A section called the Three Levels Of Being, which explains how the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds work. There are nine topics in this chapter:

  • "You Have The Power"
  • "The Superconscious"
  • "The Subconscious"
  • "You've Been Programmed"
  • "Your Conscious Mind"
  • "Changing Your Mind"
  • "Your Creative Mind"
  • "The Power Of Imagery"
  • "A Summary"

As A Second Bonus

You'll receive instructions that explain ways to use the long affirmation and the short affirmation to successfully change your life. This includes how to use the long affirmation as a meditation.

As A Third Bonus

Steps For Self-Hypnosis - Instructions on how to do self-hypnosis. These can help you to move into a deeper, more centered level of meditation. They are the same steps you find on my site.

The bonuses are the same in each e-book and will give you a deeper understanding of how to use your mind more effectively.

Each e-book has the equivalent of around twenty pages. In each e-book, the meditation, short affirmation, and commentary are different. They constitute about twenty percent of the content.

As A Fourth Bonus

Motivational emails - Once a week for about three months, you'll receive an email to inspire you and help you move forward.

Each e-book is packed with valuable information. Even with a dialup connection, each one should take less than five minutes to download.

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